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elan integra 9.0

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Ski Make:elan
Ski Model:integra 9.0
Ski Length: 184
Snow Conditions Used In: Varied
Number of Days Used: 28
Your Ability: expert
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 20+
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 150+
Other Skis You Like: slx and gsx
Your Height/Weight: 6'2/ 175
Comments: Best all round do everything ski I've been on. At 184cm the ski is nible and quick yet it is stable at speed and feels wider off piste. If you can't afford a large quiver of skiis youneed this stick it rips!!!
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You seem to have skied alot of Elan skis, have you tried the MX Four Super yet?
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Skied the prototype last fall at copper very impressed more stable on hard snoe than last years version. Did not get the chance to ski soft variable snow. Looks like a good ski
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By accident I ran into an Elan demo day at MRG. Since I only did 3 to 4 runs for each ski (and it was last February) I can't give complete impressions (memory is not what it use to be). But here is a short summary.

Me - 40 years old, skiing 18 years, carve on groomed trails, ski in the woods (ok but somewhat slower than most when the snow is deep), can get by in bumps but lose confidence in steep bumps or large bumps (can handle Fall Line at MRG when conditions are good). Take lessons every year and have demo'ed shaped skis in lessons but never owned a pair.

Conditions were 2-3 inches of fresh snow on a great natural base, some chopped heavy snow near the edges of some trails and some hard pack (almost ice) near the center of some trails).

MX2000 super (~184) -liked them a lot. Carved nicely, cut through the crud well held on ice better than my current skies (Salomon 9000s). Did not try them in fresh powder or the woods.

Carver 7.0 (~184)- carved well enough but found they didn't like to go as fast as I wanted to go.

CRX (~184) - Loved these, carved great went as fast as I wanted to go, held on the ice well and bashed through crud. Seemed some what better form me than the MX2000S. Again didn't have a chance to try them in the woods or deeper snow.

That said I got a good deal on a set of 00/01 SLXs (163). I wasn't able to demo these but I'm gambling that they will work well as my first pair of shaped skis.
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