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I bought this duffel for a two week trip to Costa Rica where a regular suitcase would have been quite impractical.  I'm not sure why I thought I would need 90L instead of 60L but I did.  It was significantly more space than I needed.  It is just about bombproof and survived Frontier Airlines, United Airlines and Nature Air baggage handlers, in fact it is hard to tell it has actually been used.  The shoulder straps were very handy for the couple of 1km treks I had to make with it and were also handy in the airports at various times.  There are two zippered pockets on the inside of the lid and one outside zippered pocket.  I want to sell it so I buy a smaller version.  MSRP is $139.00.  I'm selling it for $85 including shipping with the continental US.  The photo is the color I have.