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If this is frowned upon by the mods they can delete this but thought I'd give a PSA.  My local ski shop has some awesome deals going on for new in the wrapper skis.  They have a bunch of last year Kastle's for sale at $849 with bindings.  The models I saw where:

LX82 in every size
MX78 in every size
MX88 in 168 & 188
BMX 88 and another size as well

The prices for the Kastles were very low

He also had last year Cochise

Cochise he had 177 and 186

The Cochise was on sale for $450.  He only had one in each size.

He also had last year Line Influence 105's in every size(this is my favorite ski) and those were on sale for $425.  He had alot of different ski's on sale so give him a call.  They carry Head, Fischer, Blizzard, Kastle and Line. 

His name is Patrick and the store is Outdoor Action Companty in Keego Harbor.  If you call tell him you read about this from Chuck on Epic forum and he'll know.  The number is 248-454-1188.

I was really bummer they didn't have the MX88's in 178 because I would have bought them in a heartbeat.

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