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Marker Piston bindings

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Yesterday I tried out my new Volant Supercarves (178 cm) with the Marker 1300 Piston binding. The binding has a lever which engages or disengages the piston so that you can tell if it does anything. There was a very noticeable reduction in vibration on hard snow with the piston engaged. According to the review in Ski Magazine the piston smooths the ski's rebound at the end of a turn. I did not feel this effect, but the binding does exactly what the Marker rep said it would do, which is reduce vibration. The point of this may be to make it more comfortable to ski at higher speeds on a relatively short ski.
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Jim, did you ski on harder snow with the switch on "off"?
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How sturdy are these pistons do you think? I was looking at a pair of them in a store a few days ago and it looked like it was either leaking oil or oil had gotten on it because the entire center and heel of the binding was covered with oil, mainly around the piston. I dont think that someone my size could break one, but it looks like a 200 pound expert skier could possibly do a number on these things if they were skiing aggressive terrain... Let me know you think, im not bashing the binding at all because if i was handed a pair id use them and be happy with them since the odds of me breaking them are not very good based on my size.
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I skied the same section of the trail with the piston on and with it off. It was fairly hard snow with some ruts and small chunks. There was a definite reduction in vibration with it on.


Durability is always a question with something new. I've never managed to blow apart a binding, but I know other people who have. Although the binding is called the Titanium 1300, it looks like its mostly made of plastic. I know that a few years ago some people had trouble with the toepieces breaking on the plastic Markers. As for the piston's durability, who knows? At least it does something.
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Tyrolia has a similar binding (Free Flex Plus 8 and 10), that has a spring underfoot for a smooth flex (without softening the flex of the ski as much as others), and supposedly also reduces vibration.
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I am considering a pair of these bindings as well, or the Titanium 1200 Piston Control. Does anybody know how effective the Comshock Piston is (is it worth the extra cost), and how the bindings compare in weight to the competition?
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No, I don't know. But i went from a 1200 to 1300 after seeing the specs and realizing there was no Comshock Piston on the 1200. The description of its' function seemed useful for gofast changing conditions.
I think that might be the function that JimL was experiencing rather than the "main" Piston. I get the impression that the Piston function is more pop the ski back tip and tail for contact after rebound.... but i don't KNOW. In a few weeks will begin to find out.
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I bought the 1200 marker Pistons, i weigh ove 200 lbs, so i'll see if they stand up.

I will also look for leaks around the piston. Marker is usually pretty good about pre-testing its new products.

Currently have SLC's mounted on the two pair of skis I skied last year.I love those bindings, and I am hoping the piston will eliminate my need to every have to decide how stiff I want the binding to be.

If not, I will switch the SLC's from my Chubbs to my new T3 Powers.
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Adjustment advise

I just bought a pair of Blizzard X-Cross pro with the Marker Piston 12.0 Titanium Bindings. I have yet to ride them and would like to know if any of you have adjusted them yourself? I need to adjust them for larger boots. I have inspected them and it looks like there is a screw adjuster on the rear binding that can let the rear portion slide to accept a larger boot. Do you know of a website that might detail these bindings? I was going to take them in but the last time I bought something online the shop I took it to did not take kindly to adjusting or mounting any bindings on skis that were not bought in there shop.

Thanks for the help, this is my first post on this board.

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