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Demo Track Removal???

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Did anyone ever tried to remove demo tracks off the skis in order to install a normal screw in bindings? I am looking at some skis with demo tracks and demo bindings on them. While I like the ski, I would love to install my own bindings on it. 


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AFAIK you can remove them and install normal bindings just fine, unless it's some kind of integrated system in the ski itself.


Unless you need a very high DIN setting, the only real issue with demo bindings is that they're heavy.  They're actually kind of cool if you like to play with foot position, since you can adjust them forwards/back without remounting...

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yep, depends if they are demo bindings mounted on a flat ski, or an integrated system ski to begin with....

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Just for my own clarity, are you asking if demo bindings can be completely removed and then replaced with an entirely different binding system, or, are you asking if the front and rear bindings can be removed from their tracks and reused on the ski without the tracks?


The first should not be a problem unless they are system integrated bindings ( as stated above ). Not sure if the second option can be done with any binding.

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The answer is.... maybe.


What bindings do you have and on what skis?

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Thaks everyone! I was looking at K2 Rictor on ebay that had a demo bindings on them. I had a knee injury and only ski a knee binding now, so I was hoping to get a used ski and install my binding on it.. The issue is that most of the used skis on the market are demos with demo bindings. I was wonderig if I can completely take off the demo and the rail and istall my binding on it.

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