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Volant Machette G

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Make: Volant
Model: Machette G (I believe unchanged for this season)
Length: 183
Conditions skied: All
# days used: 50
Ability: Instructor
Yrs skiing: 30+
Days skied last season: 75
Ht/wt: 5'10" 165#
Other skis I own: Volant PowerKarve 183

I would classify the Machette G as a mid-fat or "free ride" all mountain ski. It is a vesatile ski which handles all kinds of conditions very well. It holds better on hard packed snow than the Volant PowerKarve (another mid-fat), and it handles off piste conditions exceptionally well. It just blasts through all the different kinds of ugly snow you might encounter during your search for freshies. Chopped up crud, spring glop, frozen chunks, it just motors through it all. The ski is well damped, although some people would consider it too much so. The Machette is somewhat quicker turning than the PK. I like both skis in bumps, but note that I am not a zipper line bumper.

I also demoed the Epic T3, which felt like it pulled me into the turn a bit more, but didn't feel quite as secure at higher speeds. The Epic and the Machette had the same dimensions, and seem to be essentially the same ski, with the Machette being considerably less expensive - maybe $150.

If I had it to do over again I would opt for a shorter length, probably 178. I demoed 178's and didn't like them as well, but in retrospect this was probably due to the state of tune, not the length.
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I ski the McG in a 188 as well as the PK in 188. Another Volant that I would add is the older SuperKarve I in a 193. I am 5'10", about 175 and ski in Colorado about 30+ days a year. I enjoy steeper, rougher terrain, as well as trees, bumbs and deep fluff. I have only been out on my McG's about 10 days in 2 years, but have found them to be the perfect blend between the super and power karve. They are the best of Volants shapes that I have skied in the bumps (Gotta still love my Z-Max SL), and extremly responsive on the hard pack. The super was not as good in the softer snow, while the power was great in all conditions but did not master them all. I really like the wider waste on the power karve on the powder days. I have been Teleing mainly this past season and use a 183 powerkarve for that. I will also move to a 188 Chubb this year mounted for tele. I just wanted to add my $.02 on this review since we both ski the same 2 skis. If I had to limit myself to one ski, the McG would be the ideal choice.
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To Nopainjane,

Let us Volant "lovers" know if you find a ski that is it's equal or surpasses it. It seems while the company is still alive, I fear the skis will be forever changed to something else, like everyone elses skis. I'll do the same, how about you Phil ?
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The last time I was able to demo any skis was 2 years ago. I was really impressed by the Dynastar PowerTrac 4x4. I was not a Dynastar fan in the past, but that ski really felt good to me. Also, I was impressed by the P40 Platinum from Vokle. That was a great ski, but I felt is was going to be too narrow for any really fluffy stuff. The skis that did not float my boat so to speak were from Atomic, K2 and as always offerings by Soloman. I have never skied a Soloman I felt was anything special. They are an easy ski and do not provide any feedback to me. I have also liked the Bandit line of skis as well, just they have not made the same impresson as the Vokle or Dyanstar. These are what I liked from 2 years ago, I hope to hit another demo this season and check out some more of the latest and greatest from the others. I also have not skied the Volant Epic either, so I may give that a try if available.
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I'm with you - if I kept only one pair it would be the McG's. I agree that the are Volant's best blend of shape and flex.

The Z-Max SL's were great. I demoed them after I bought some Z-Max G's. I wished I'd bought the SL's instead. They were a really versatile slalom ski - they even were very nice in powder and crud, something I didn't expect in a slalom ski.

Like you, I've never cared much for any of the Salomon skis I've tried, although I must admit that I haven't demoed any of their products for several years.
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Another .02 .

Last year I started skiing again after +33 years off. Got to blacks by end of the seasson. I used a pair of my brothers PK's, 183, after using rental skis. I then demo'd some Bandit X's and McG's. Over the summer I bougth a pair of McG's 178's, (5'-9", 180) because I just thought they were better and more responsive then anything else I had been on. Just one sweet ski.
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