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Mantra length question

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I am looking at getting a pair of Mantras and am wondering what length would suit me best. I am 5'11" 195 lbs. I prefer to ski hard GS turns down the mountain and do all my skiing on the east coast. I am thinking the 177s but could also be swayed to 184s. Any recommmendations? Thanks a lot.
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Demo both. I ski the 177, same height, but 25 lbs lighter. It's perfect for me. The 184 may be the one for you. A run or two will tell.
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Thanks. I know I really should demo them, but I have a trip coming up that I wanted to be able to buy these before. Maybe a bad idea.
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Well, are you getting a deal on them? They're running about $700 at most shops. You can demo them where you're going and apply the fee to the purchase. They can mount them overnight. Bring some bindings along. Everybody has a few sets of bindings lying around....don't they? See what some of the shop guys on here say... 184 would be my guess, but east coast skiing means tight trails.
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I'm 6' 175 and the 177's are right for me, too short for my son who's the same size and a much better skier.

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Thanks everyone, sounds like 184 might work best for me but I will try to demo both.

In general does a wider ski lend to shorter lengths being preferred? I am asking because I am thinking of trying the Kendo as well?
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