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Make : Volant (sob, sniffle...)
Model : T 3 Epic
Length : 178 cm
Snow Conditions Used In : Spring (mostly)
Number of Days used : 10
Ability : Advanced (all things being relative)
Yrs Skiing : 10 ( not consecutive)
Avg Days per Yr Skiing : 25 - 30
Other Skis You Like : Volant SuperKarves
Height / Weight : 5'8", 180 lbs
Comments: Since, technically, Volants will be available this coming season, I thought I might as well respond to AC's request.
A great price at an "end of season sale" prompted my getting these, and I don't regret it. I still think the SuperKarve is THE ski for hardpack and groomers; but I felt at a disadvantage in anything "bumpy."
Not any more! The "sweet spot" of this ski just jumps up at you. They are not the Crud Intimidators that the SuperKarves are, and they do have a lower speed limit, but for anything else they are slavishly responsive. And much like the SuperKarves, they seem to grow with you.
I really don't care about the "image" of a ski, just what it does for me. These make me very happy to be skiing.