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K2 Mod X Pro...Now the K2 Axis Pro

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Ski Make:K2
Ski Model:Mod X /Axis Pro
Ski Length: 174
Snow Conditions Used In: Varied
Number of Days Used: 6
Your Ability: Pretty good
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 20
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 10
Other Skis You Like: Head
Your Height/Weight: 5'2/ None of your biz [img]smile.gif[/img]
Comments: I really love these skis! I spent the 2000-2001 season demoing skis and I demoed the Mod X Pro and all of the other comparable skis and ended up purchasing these. I love that they are stiff and wicked fast. They are probably a little to stiff for bumps, but with the amount of days I spend in the bumps and only the option to purchase one pair, these were my all around favorite. Now I can't wait for the snow to fall so I can get them out of the shrink wrap!!!!
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Ski Make:
Ski Model: K2 Mod X Pro
Ski Length: 188-cm
Snow Conditions Used In: Powder, crud, bumps, ice, packed...the park
Number of Days Used: 30
Your Ability: 8.459872345
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 20
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 30-40
Other Skis You Like: G30/31, 10.20, McG, X-Scream Series
Your Height/Weight: 5'8"/$1.75
Comments: Probably the most fun "all around" ski that I have tried in a while. Like most of the other folks with connections to the business, I get to try most of the skis out every year at either trade fair or industry demo days. I got to comare this to most of the other midfats, and although others rival its performance in one area or another, none match the combination of ease and power that this ski possesses. It will rail at high speed like a G31 or 10.20, but will float through the bumps and pop off short turns like an X-Scream. Even better, it handles powder and crud just as adeptly as hardpacked and ice. There are many that are close, but none that have the total package like the Mod (Axis) X Pro...at least in my book!

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Good Choice! Mod X Pro is my favorite board as well. I will agree that it is not well suited for bumps. Beside w/ two sheets of metal diving the tips into the troughs could turn into a fatal error.
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What about the Axis X version. How much of a difference is there between this one and the Axis X Pro?

I have an opportunity to pick up a pair with the new Marker 1200 Piston bindings for about $500.

Is that a good deal?

I currently ski on a pair of 99-00 model Fischer Alltrax68 184s. The skis that I'm looking at are the Volkl Vertigo Motion and the Bandit XX.

How does the Axis X compare to the other two skis I'm looking at?

I'll be spending the winter working at and east coast resort 6-10 days a month but am heading to Jackson, Snaltabird and Switzerland in March. I can only afford one ski but I want to have the most fun I can while working and playing. Don't get me wrong I'll have fun no matter what but I want to get a little more out of my skis than what the Alltraxs are giving me.

Thanks for you input.

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Yes, that is an excellent deal, especially if they are brand new. The big difference in the X versus the Vertigo and XX is that the Axis X has no metal (you already knew that!), so it just won't be the same at speed on the hard, icy slopes of the east. The Vertigo would be the best choice there. However, for the west, the XX is the strongest for crud and deeper snow conditions. Don't know if that answers your question or just raises more. With that being said, the Vertigo will definitely be fun in the east and west alike.
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I have never been on a better ski than the K2 Axis Mod X Pro's. I recently demoed the Volkl Vertigo Motion's, Rossignol Bandit XX, and the Axis Mod X Pro's and the pro's blew the other two skis out of the water. I've always ridden Volkls up untill now but after I tried the pro's there was no going back. They were super fast, were able to make short turns like crazy, were awesome when I jumped off of cliffs as well as kickers in the park, they carved like none other, and contrary to what others have been saying were great in the bumps. I don't know if it's just the ski for me but I can definitely say that this is the best ski I've ever ridden. If you're an aggressive skier that likes to do everything this is the ski for you. The Bandits and the Motions had different qualities that were great but didn't have nearly the overall finesse of the pro's. AMAZING SKI!!!!
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I'm on the 181 Axis X Pro, and they are wonderful. In fact, if they had somewhere to put a wedding ring, I'd consider...
No, I wouldn't go that far, but they are the best skis I have ever been on.
Love them. Great in the pow, on piste and even the bumps (which surprised me)

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Ski Make: K2
Ski Model: Axis X Pro (Salomon 912 Ti PE2 Braces)
Ski Length: 188-cm
Snow Conditions Used In: Groomed, windblown, heavy crud.
Number of Days Used: 40
Your Ability: 8?
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 21
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 30-40
Other Skis You Like: G30/31, 10.20, 10.EX
Your Height/Weight: 5'8"/$1.75

I just spent the weekend at Mammoth and I am convinced that the AXP is the best damn ski I have ever tried. It tore up the groomers, floated over the soft wind-blown patches and mached through the crud like nothin'! Bumps were fairly easy for a ski with that type of flex. The tight chutes could be navigated with ease as well. In the afternoon, as the open faces were showing some wear from being skied all day, I broke out my 10.EX's(191). They were fun, but after a run or two, I wanted the AXP's back! I was astonished myself. the AXP handles like my 10.EX in the nasty (now powder) conditions off-piste, but it so much more forgiving and has a much more versatile turn radius. I love these boards!! This is my second year on these sticks and they are still as fun as ever!
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Ski Make:k2
Ski Model: axis x pro with marker 1200 piston bindings,& tecnica icon x with surefoot footbeds
Ski Length:181cm
Snow Conditions Used In [img]tongue.gif[/img]acked,crud,groomed,light powder,colorado ice not the kind you can see thru.
Number of Days Used:5
Your Ability:7-8
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:7 years since long absense, grew up skiing in wisconsin but moved to florida & didn't ski for 15 years.
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:10-15
Other Skis You Like:sream series,bandit x,k2 axis x,k2 MSL,loved my hart Billy Kidds when I was young.
Your Height/Weight:5'10" 190#
Comments:this ski is awsome.it will take everything you can give it,roll your ankles push forward & these things will carve railroad tracks with ease,you can get tall & glide down the mountain making long gs type turns passing everything in sight with no fatigue,or you can blast thru the trees making short turns at will.the most amazing thing is how stable these things are.they bust thru crud,make awsome jumps land & cruise & never miss a beat,they are like a cruise missle on auto pilot & you don't have to spend all your time & effort trying to stay centered & in the sweet spot,just get after them & rip,these skis are stupid fast.they also float thru the powder like a dream alltho we didn't have any deep powder only about 4-6" but they felt great.my only concern are the moguls,I am an average mogul skier but these skis make them very hard.I skied some long black mogul runs at northpeak at keystone on my axis x 181cm with ease same runs on the axis x pro were a real challange.a much better mogul skier than me could make them work I'm sure but if I was going to do steep moguls all day I would hunt another ski.that being said these are the skis I plan on keeping.my axis x are for sale.happy skiing bteddy
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...Another satisfied Axis X Pro owner...

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