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Beginning skier researched here, then bought, but has a few questions

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First off, I'm brand new here and really appreciate those with experience sharing their knowledge.  I found this site doing research on equipment and used what I learned in seeking out a pair of boots.


I'm brand new to skiing but in my youth (20 years ago) was a fairly avid snowboarder.  Until last week I never put on a pair of skis and started off taking a group lesson.  After a few hours I was able to safely ski making parallel turns (not pretty, I'm sure) down down some icy blue runs.  I feel pretty confident that I'll progress to intermediate fairly quickly and was concerned about buying gear that I would too quickly outgrow. 


For what it's worth, I'm 41, 5'11" and 186 lbs and will largely be skiing in the Midwest, with sites on annual family trips out West.


Having relayed all this to the boot fitter at a local ski shop I was directed to boots with a flex rating of 80-90 and tried on several pairs.  My feet both measured right at about a 27 on the mondo size gauge and we initially tried some 27.5 shells.  The fitter though they were a bit short and moved me up to 28.5.  In these she was just able with very little slop to slide a .75" dowel behind my heel with my feet touching the tips of the shell.


I think i tried 4 pairs and ultimately settled on the Solomon Quest 90.  The reason I'm posting here is that these boots seem to fit very well, but having reserched here I'm a little concerned that they're TOO comfortable.  I have very high arches so some of the boots I tried (all 3 buckles) did put some pretty direct pressure on the top of my foot.  When standing upright in the boots my toes are just touching the liner and are snug on the sides.  In the skiing position i'm losing contact at the toes and have minimal (but some) movement of my heel (which is pretty narrow) inside the boot.  It's not sliding, but there is some room for lateral movement.


I don't know if this is enough for others to chime in with their thoughts on not only the boot that I selected as a rank amateur, but what your thoughts might be on the fit as I describe it above.  I'm reallly wondering if I need to go back and try some of the less comfortable options as they were definitely more snug.  The salesman/bootfitter was really focused on comfort which has me a little unsure of my decision. 


Any thoughts would be greatly apprecaited.




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if you are skiing a few days a year, for pleasure only, this might work.


if you are skiing 10+ days a year, and want to improve, get 27 shells (5-15mm is about right)

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My feet measure 28.2 and I ski in a pair of 27.0 boots which after heat molding and break in do not bother my toes---28.5 will be too bigcool.gif,


try a different fitter---- and get a 4 buckle boot as the ankle buckle will pull straight back and not down on your instep---don't tighten the lower buckles as this will compress your foot and put it to sleep.


I question the .75" shell fit in a 28.5 boot with your size feet.


Use a piece of CPVC 1/2inch pipe as a Gage---this is 5/8" on the out side, what we all recommend as the big end of a good shell fit.


All of this is very important as this pair of boot potentially could last 10 years if done right of never fit past the first 4 days of skiing.



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Thanks for the input. I ended up going back and sure enough, the 28.5 was too large. I picked out a pair of Solomon RS 100's which proved out great last Sunday.

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