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Lost my cork for waxing

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Can't find my rubbing cork anywhere; no time to get one from the closest shop before I leave.


I'm going to try using a dry cellulose sponge. I'll let you all know how it works.


Also, I'm open to suggestions from anyone... what common household item, or easily available hardware store item, can be used on ski wax?

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Warmer weather use a brilo pad, colder use a brown paper bag, a leather ski glove also works...or just good old fashioned dont worry about it, and go ski...the snow will polish it for you too..

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Ahh, you found that out too? I had some very sticky wax on my skis the last time and could not buff it enough to get it smooth - but skiing did the trick. I used handfuls of course snow to get it started, then skied, and felt the bottoms get smooth as I went.


And I once used brown paper towels from the men's room to rub the wax when I left the cork back in the car.

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Blow dryer.  Styrofoam.  Piece of carpet. (or the carpet on the motel room floor devil.gif)

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Wine is good.  Screw caps are bad.  Much more fun than a paper bag.

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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post

Wine is good.  Screw caps are bad.  Much more fun than a paper bag.

Yes, but where I typically drink, I have to keep the pint of wine in a paper bag, or face arrest. So paper bag - good.

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