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I have a pronated stance (knock kneed) so my skis tend to sit on the inside edges instead of flat on the snow.


I took the boots to the same technician that made my custom footbeds to have this corrected the other day and he did some grinding to the base of the boots.


I just have one question. I kind of assumed he would grind down the inside of the boots which I thought would have flattened out the skis. But he actually shaved of the outside of the boots. When I asked, he told me that contrary to belief, with a pronate stance the outside of the boots should be ground to promote loading up the outside of the boot which creates better alignment.


Is this true? I really don't want to second guess the technician but I swear I'm catching inside edges since the work has been done. Or it may just be my over thinking or skiing technique.


Thanks for any help!