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Atomic BetaRace 9.16

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Ski Make: Atomic
Ski Model: BetaRace 9.16
Ski Length: 170cm
Snow Conditions Used In: pretty much everything
Number of Days Used: 48
Your Ability: race coach
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 31
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 84 (over last nine years)
Other Skis You Like: Atomic 10.22 (for gs), Dynastar ATV (for alpine touring)
Your Height/Weight: 5'8", 145 lbs.
Comments: [Disclaimer: This review is for the 2000 model, which has a slightly different construction and plate than the current version, but almost exactly the same sidecut.] This is a great "new school" slalom race ski, and obviously therefore a great ski for making short turns on firm conditions, but the big surprise is its overall versatility. Even at moderate gs speeds the ski is quite stable if you keep it on edge and arcing - makes a pretty good NASTAR ski too. Skis well in moguls, and surprisingly well also in powder (or at least what passes for powder in the East). All of the racers I coach had similar reactions skiing the whole mountain on their shorty sl skis (of various brands, not just Atomic). This season I'll be downsizing to a 150cm in the new 9.12, so stayed tuned for a December report...
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This summer I bought a pr. of the '01 9.16s to ski the hard stuff in Vermont. At 170cm, they seem ridiculously short--I'm 6'2", 190-- and therefore kind of a gamble. I think I'm either going to be really surprised, or really disappointed, if they are in fact too short. I'll know soon enough.
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Jonathan - a couple of questions for you. You are going to the new shape. Is the deeper shape and shorter length even less versatile out of the course, i.e. require absolute perfect balance over the ski, otherwise a back flip? Also, I understand the 9.12 available in retail does not have race construction, i.e. Ti channels as does the 9.16. The 9.12 is a new shape at the FIS level and hopefully a race construction available next year for joe skier. Are you getting a special ski?
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NC, your suspicions about the versatility may turn out to be true, but I won't be able to tell you until I ski on them in December.

The 9.12 construction plus the more basic plate is rumored to make for a somewhat less lively ski. My pair is just regular stock, but for one of my racers I was able to obtain two pairs of race stock, which have the flex #s on them plus the 9.16 plate. Then again, in the Ski & Skiing mag tests, the regular 9.12 came out pretty much on top against the competition. (Not that these tests are very reliable, but it does mean something I suppose.)

I've heard plenty of rumors about what new sl ski Atomic is coming out w/ soon, but unfortunately I don't have access to any of that.
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JW- i think you'll have a blast on those skis. I am 6'1 and weigh about the same as you. Last year i bought the atomic 9.10 beta carve ski in a 150! They are amazing!!! I feel very stable on the skis as long as i'm turning. You can get hummin on these babies pushing some pretty intense carves! The 9.16 is a much stiffer ski, so your weight shouldn't be a problem. It will just be tough to get used to the smaller lengh. BUT, once you get the handle on the length, you'll rock them down the hill.
-"spark em"
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Ok- I have the 9.16. They are very versatile. I'm 5'9, 145 on the 170s. I use them for GS and Slalom racing. I also tryed my brothers Rossi 9s diviaters at the same length. They were a WEE bit quicker, but not as stable.
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the rossis arnty just a tad bit quicker, there 5 times a quick with twice the rebound. They make the Atomics seem dead on the snow. The atomics are slightly more stable, but for that little bit of extra stability you sacrafice a lot.
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ok- that's my little brother. Yeah- he had an identity crisis about a year ago- actually switched to snowboarding for a while! Would you believe anything that comes out of that kids keyboard? Didn't think so. The Rossi's are just a tad bit quicker, and the 9.16 much more stable. But then again every ski is different for every person. Demo is the word of the hour.

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yAH, my big bro is A TARD!i tried snowboarding a few times out west for change 2 1/2 years ago. it was cool, not as cool as skiing. But anyway, he makes a good point about demoing. But to bad he skis to slow and to much like an old lady to appreciate the stiffness of thr atomics, the rossis would def suit him better..
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ok- i guess poorman is just trying to rack up the posts- almost to number 20- oh yeah. ANyway- I can waste that kid down any slope anytime. First GS race of the year on Jan. 2nd. WIll post the results. I hate to embarass my bro, but so it goes.
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DUDE SWEEET! i just hope he has the balls to post the results even though his name will be behind mine. Anyway, ill go beat him up now. later ya'll
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ok- sweet y'all. Results will be here by the third of Jan. (I know no one cares)
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OK- just for some closure. First race of the year was a Slalom yesterday. Wasted my bro- I got 10th, he got 20th, out of 42. (we're really not THAT competitive) ANyway- it was a blast- we both had fun. Adios everyone.
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