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Skiers and Boarders alike:


Heading to BC this week and I have a heli trip aligned via Whistler resorts. I am an "expert resort" skier. For example, most things in Mott's Canyon (Heavenly) I can ski but no hucks for me.


I have another local skier that will most likely join me in Whistler but I thought I would throw this out there for anyone who might be in the area. Depending on weather, conditions etc.... when I get to town, I may change things up and take a cat tour instead but would still like to have a good group to ride with rather than chance the luck of the draw.


Other days I will be skiing with my Father but will probably cut out alone at times to get some vertical in. If anyone wants to meet up on resort days that would be cool too.


If anyone is interested feel free to PM or respond here and here's to more snow!!




Late Edit:


I guess I should have dropped this in the meetup forum instead... If there is a MOD around and can move this thread for me, please feel free. Thanks!!

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