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Ambassadors Wanted

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You’re planning a visit to a big destination or maybe you’re looking for a local gem. You need real information on how to get around, where to find the best cruisers or steeps or bumps. What about the tree skiing? Where is the best place to park or is there a shuttle? What about a place for a quick lunch? For the last couple of seasons EpicSki’s Resort Ambassadors have shared with you their knowledge and passion for their home mountain.  You may have noticed Unofficial Guides featured in the carousel or in rotation in our Home Page Features. Maybe you clicked through the links in the Resort, Conditions & Travel Forum Banner. It is in these unofficial guides you will find this type of useful information.


Would you like the opportunity to represent your favorite mountain here on Epic? We are always looking for volunteers who love to write, photograph, and share their passion and inside information on the mountain they call home. Over the last couple of seasons EpicSki Resort Ambassadors have contributed detailed Unofficial Guides and reviews that have provided our readers with great inside information on resorts they plan to visit. Ambassadors have answered questions in the forums concerning their resorts. Our Ambassadors have also met up with and skied other visiting members.  Right now our EpicSki Ambassadors represent about 100 Resorts, most here in North America but also a few in Europe as well. If this is something you're interested in trying, send me a Private Message and tell me what resort you’d like to represent and I’ll get you started. 


What does being an EpicSki Resort Ambassador entail? On the most basic level it means posting a review of your mountain, and answering reader’s questions in the forums. We hope you would be inspired to write an Unofficial Guide and share that with our community.


What’s in it for you? Well, mostly it's the pleasure of showing off your mountain to appreciative readers who will regard you as the local expert. You will have access to a private Ambassadors forum where we share learning and discuss the challenges and rewards of the job and also will have access to the EpicSki Passholders Forum where you can talk about whatever you want and can get to know your fellow members in a wider context. There's more, but we'd like to save that information for after you volunteer, so we don't exert any undue influence on your decision. 

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I told Cirq i'd be interested in doing this but am strapped for time right now. Send me a pm with details and i'll try to get myself together enough to at least get the ball rolling. I can do either Holimont or Holiday Valley, maybe both if time allows.

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I would be interested in maintaining a page for my local resorts over in France. Villard-de-Lans, Les 7 Laux, Alpe d'Huez and a few others if that helps?


I don't have time to give very detailed information but I would be happy to help out and provide any information I can.



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I just moved here and haven't skied it too much but I'd be wiling to do it for ski santa fe

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Would love to do this for Snowshoe Mountain Resort in WV.


Though it's 6 hours from me, I consider it my home resort as I'm there most every weekend (have missed 2 weekends since September). 



Just curious, is this something we need approval from the marketing/PR team at the resort or because it's unofficial we're just good to go?




I love writing/photography/skiing, so I'd like to think I can make a pretty good page for people interested in Snowshoe to learn more about what they have to offer.

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Looks like the current ambassador for our local mountain has moved out of the area-can I apply for the job? I was slow in going for it when the program first started and he beat me to it, but I'd be  happy to take it over if he's no longer interested.

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John V. check your Private Messages.

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Originally Posted by John V. View Post

Looks like the current ambassador for our local mountain has moved out of the area-can I apply for the job? I was slow in going for it when the program first started and he beat me to it, but I'd be  happy to take it over if he's no longer interested.



.Go for it John V. Can't think of anyone else that would fill the job as well as you would. And, he's not a bad skier either..

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Thanks MrSki! That's high praise from the "Mayor" of Bristol Mountain!

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Time for a bump. The season is winding down or over for a lot of us. You may have a wealth of pictures of your favorite resort and would like to share them. Maybe you have a few favorite runs you'd like to share or some pointers on how to get around the resort. Maybe you just want to relive the season. What better way than to become an EpicSki Resort Ambassador! By becoming an Ambassador now you'll have the entire off season to create your own unofficial guide and improve your resort's guide here on Epic. Check out my first post in this thread, click the links and see what our current Ambassadors have contributed. If this looks like something you're interested in doing for the community then post here or drop me a PM and I'll get you started.

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I'd be happy to help with guides and/or reviews of any of the local hills.  Seven Springs, Hidden Valley, Blue Knob etc.



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Hello LHC
I could do Blue Knob, but will pass due to a love/hate relationship there.
I skied Laurel Mt  25 years ago. 
Just a quick question. Will Laurel Mountain, a great area, ever open again.   hissyfit.gif
LH Crazie sig says:  (his, NOT mine)

"Ambassador for Hidden Valley and  Laurel Mountain"



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Mike, you don't have to be an Ambassador to write reviews. Please write a review and if it reads like a guide we'll all be better informed. Perhaps you would like to be Hidden Valley's Ambassador? Around the time I assumed Resorts Editor gig I took on the Hidden Valley responsibility just to make sure their Guide here was kept current. I didn't ski HV this last year and maybe once a season since Buncher Co. bought the place. As you know it is a great place for young families and for people just being introduced to the sport. It is also one of the few counterweights to Seven Springs heft in the market. HV needs a good Ambassador.


Mdskier, it was nice skiing with you again. Thanks for your almost offer on Blue Knob but we have an  Ambassador who has submitted an Unofficial Guide this season. As for Laurel Mountain, Pennsylvania released $6.5 million to upgrade infrastructure in 2008. The design and environmental phases are complete and we are waiting for the state to solicit construction bids which was suppose to happen last year, then this spring but I just checked the PA web site where the project is posted for bidding and nothing yet. There is about $5 million left and no word on if Seven Springs (who negotiated a lease with the state to operate Laurel) will make any capital contribution. A spokesperson for the state, Chris Novak, was quoted in a newspaper article last year stating that 2014/2015 season is the most likely opening date. My advice is to focus on the love portion of your relationship with Blue Knob if you want to ski expert terrain in Western PA. wink.gif

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Sure, I'd be happy to serve as the Ambassador for Hidden Valley.  I've been skiing there more lately with my son and I do agree with you that it's a better place for families that Springs.



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Can you get Ludovic to do Whitegrass and T-line?

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CTM, JohnL is our T-line Ambassador and we are not currently listing touring centers even though WG has a greater vertical drop than T-line or CV (which John is also representing).


Mike, it is all yours. I updated the Hidden Valley, PA Resort Guide  at the start of this season. The Facts and Details module above the Guide was also updated and the empty rows were suppose to be eliminated in the site's latest update yet I see they're still there. Wait a bit and see if they disappear or edit if you please.  HV needs a review and I'll add one too. I'll send you a PM on other details including how to add a weather widget. Please consider submitting an Unofficial Guide.That would be truly appreciated. Thanks for volunteering.

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Can you get Ludovic to do Whitegrass and T-line?


Snaked by one of my wing men!


Pay attention much?

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I would be interested in taking ambassador duties for Wolf Creek.

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If anyone has a desire to be Ambassador for Stevens Pass, I would not mind passing it off.  I ski more at Baker so I'll keep that one.

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Originally Posted by anachronism View Post

I would be interested in taking ambassador duties for Wolf Creek.

PM on the way, check in the morning. Welcome aboard!

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Check? What check? I didn't get no stinkin check. wink.gif
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Originally Posted by Posaune View Post

If anyone has a desire to be Ambassador for Stevens Pass, I would not mind passing it off.  I ski more at Baker so I'll keep that one.

Any Stevens Pass regulars out there? Posaune has done an excellent job on this web page. All the links are current and working. There's a properly pinned Google Map but best of all there is an excellent Unofficial Guide.This baby is low maintenance and all it need is a real time representative for our community. Post or PM today. Operators are standing by and if you act now you will also receive the unmitigated appreciation of the community, the staff and the whole internet universe. Act now and become a dim star in that universe. biggrin.gif

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If we're in need, I'd be happy to serve as the ambassador to Wildcat since there currently is none. I am a member of one of the EICSL clubs and am there every weekend. The clubs even have their logos hung in the bar.

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Not sure if you have someone for Mammoth Ca, but that is my home mountain and I would love to tell the Bears all about it.  Just let me know what to do and I am on it.


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I'll PM you both with details by the end of the day. Thanks for your interest.

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I would be willing to do Killington - been my "home mountain" for over 30 years, noticed that the page hasn't been updated since 2011 - lots of changes since then

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wannabeskibum, I'll PM soon.

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