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Marker Squires

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Ok so what's the deal with these new models of squires? What's with all the hate? I just got a brand new pair from a buddy for very cheap, and am afraid to use them on my Dynastar Distorters. I'm 5'8" 130lbs and ski very aggressively all over the mountains from backcountry to park. Is there something I should be afraid of here?
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Just seem pretty low quality to me... For your height and weight it shouldn't be bad. Griffons would definitely be much more solid though.  Jesters would probably be too much for your height and weight since they start at a 6 din. 

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That's what I seem to be hearing a lot... I think I'll just dish out the extra cash for some griffons
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I have more confidence is the binding for you than for the 100-110lb woman who do not have the force to get into the binding. While the Squire is not at the top of my list, you will be fine in it. 

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