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Techna Inferno 120

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   I'm driving the Techna Inferno 120 Ski boot. It has been adjusted by a boot fitter to fit me well. This year I am experiencing significant shin bang and  shin pain that last for days after I ski.  I have close to a 160 days on these boots in the last 2 years. Is it because the boot liner is starting to wear or is because the aggressiveness  of my skiing has increased.?

   I am jumping , dropping and spinning and wrecking as much as possible each day on the mountain. I like to ski Trees, Steeps, Cliffs, powder just about everything and Like to end the day with a few laps with my 6 year old daughter. No back country just side-country and inbounds skiing for me.    If you recommend a ski boot for an all mountain skiier what would it be.

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yes, your liner is toast.


any boot that fits your foot and lower leg, and is in the flex performance range for your skiing. go see a good boot fitter with a great selection of boots to try on.



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Thanks for the feedback Jim..

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