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K2 Enemy

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Ski Make: K2
Ski Model: Enemy
Ski Length: 173
Snow Conditions Used In: all
Number of Days Used: 200+
Your Ability: Good
How many years have you been skiing: 27
Average Days Skiing per Year: 170
Other Skis You Like: just about everything I have tried in the last couple years at trade shows, except the Salomon Xscream, and Volants.
Your Hight/Weight: 5'7" 160+lbs

Comments: This is my favorite ski ever. Over the last two seasons, I have spent probably 80% of my ski time on it. It seems to work quite well in all conditions. It does not handle like a race ski at speed on ice, nor does it plow like a fat ski, but it is a truely versatile ski, forgiving, snappy, and most importantly; fun. That is what I like in a ski, playfullnes, a ski that makes one do silly stuff just for the hell of it. It also is a blast in bumps, laughs at crud, porpoises nicely in pow, will carve, and skid turns of any size on the groomed, and rocks the park. Over the last couple seasons, it has been one of the most popular skis at Mammoth Ski School, especially with the younger instructors. I train a group of about a dozen instructors, and probably half use, and swear by the Enema. I would call the Enemy a very good midfat, that happens to be a twin tip. I also own the Mod/AxisX, and never use it, because the Enemy is more fun.

There I did my part.
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Spinheli, question.

I like bumps, trees, and cruising doing short swing turns or carving some (but spend most of the time in the trees or bumps). I also like to do steeps when I'm west (and pow if available), but I ski vermont so I don't get much of it (other than my yearly vacation). I am 5'10" 185. Do you recommend the Enemy over the Axis X or the pro? (I currently ski an Atomic 9.22 BetaRide).
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