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Newbie...but just Retired (ready to "pursue")

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Hi Folks:


I've enjoyed the forum for a couple of years & have picked up alot of good info and tips, but never posted. I ended my megacorp partnership just last week after 39 years - my DW & I are treating ourselves toa 2-month ski trip based out of Frisco, CO for Feb & March 2013. Will ski Copper mostly with a couple of side trips to other areas. (Since the snow gods knew I was coming, i'm probably partly responsible for the skimpy snow this year). We have been to most CO resorts as well as several in UT and Whistler. Going to the front range this year for 2 months since we are most familiar with the Summit County area. We hope to try another area (Steamboat perhaps) next year for the same time period.


Have been hooked on this silly sport since 1977 and I can't imagine a better past time for the young, middle age and older follks. What other sport can you "bite off as much as you want" on any given day and on any given run and then meet someone with a shared love for the sport over a "tall one" at the end of the day? 


Best Regards to All...

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Welcome.  We've been retired for 8 years and it's been great.  You're doing the right thing.  Grab for all the gusto you can get while you're still healthy.  I've always wanted to do what you're doing, but the wife is too much of a homebody to go away that long.  We're out east, get the midweek season pass that includes Sunday River, Sugarloaf and Loon, and head up for 3 or 4 days every other week or so, more if it's good.  Plus we head out to northern Vermont often for a little more variety.  We usually take one week long trip out west every year and have made it to most everywhere in Colorado and Utah in addition to Tahoe and Whistler.  It helps that one of our sons went to college in Colorado and has lived out there for the past 10 years.  The key is health.  We work out hard year round to be ready for winter.  Good luck.

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Best of luck.  I hope you will report back here periodically.  I'm just a few years behind you and I'm most curious to hear how it goes.  Did you get the Rocky Mtn Super passes to Copper & Winter Park?  How much do you plan to ski?  What will you do during your down time?  Are you planning to host a lot of vacationing family/guests or go it mostly alone?  Do you have a network of friends to regularly ski with?  What are your living/rental arrangements?  Are you driving a personal vehicle to CO?  Are you going to work at a resort in some capacity or just ski recreationally?  Did you have to overcome any special health or logistical considerations?  Feel free to ignore my nosey questions.duck.gif


I just did a two week ski trip where I skied 11 out of 13 days, and they were fairly active ski days for a normally desk bound old cube dweller.  I was feeling the full weight of my years by the end.  Maybe the lesson in that is: pace yourself.

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Wow...all really good questions - some I have answers for and others, not yet. We did buy the season pass, but only for Copper. Since we are staying in Frisco, it's a little bit of a drive to WP. The bus service from Frisco to Copper kind of spoils you - a short walk, a bus ride and dropped at the base of SuperBee; it couldn't be easier especially if weather is a factor. Hope to hit the slopes 3 out of 4 days or so. Wife usually skis to lunch and I make 1 - 2 more after lunch. When we used to go for a week or two, we would bite the bullet and eat at a restaurant on the mountain or at the base. This year we are planning on taking lunches alot more. We have a friend scheduled for a short visit and daughter and son-in-law coming for 8 days. She has been skiing since around 4, but he is just picking it up - he appears to absolutely love it and it's great fun to watch somebody drinkng the same elixir I did long ago.


We have a condo - interesting in that we looked through VRBO and Craigslist and everyone wanted to charge us the top season price for a week times 8 for two months!! That was more than we budgeted for. Found a great source - Summit County Senior Citizen website. A lot of those folks only use their place during the warmer months and have availability for longer terms in the winter. They likely would also rather rent to someone a "little older" than taking a chance with several younger renters over the same time period.


No plans for work at the present - if they know what is good for them, they''ll never let me work at one of the microbreweries. We are blessed with good health and do follow a moderate excercise schedule through the year.


Hope that helps. I'll post throughout the trip if it's a help to others considering the same type of journey.

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. . .


Hope that helps. I'll post throughout the trip if it's a help to others considering the same type of journey.

Would really enjoy hearing about your trip!


I retired early, but have a 6th grader who needs a chauffeur and social secretary so only get out west for a week without her.  Husband is a non-skier so I go with other 50+ ski buddies.  Often we join in a gathering of an online ski forum.  This year the EpicSki Gathering at Big Sky fit in my schedule.

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