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First AT ski

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I am have signed up for a Ski Mountaineering course to take my advanced resort skills into the backcountry.  I am looking for a starter bc ski that will not break the bank.  I have found two used pairs at this point that I would like to get some advice on.  I am 6'1" and about 220 lbs, usually ski a 188.  The first pair I found is a 2011 Black Diamond Justice 188 that has been mounted with Tele bindings so I would have to buy new bindings.  The second pair is a 08/09 Black Diamond Megawatt 178 including Marker Duke bindings.  I know the megawatts would be a little short but I figured it would cut some weight in the backcountry.  Feedback on which one would be best for me would be great as well as how much to offer for each.




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The Justice is a much better all around ski than the Megawatt, and likely to be lighter even if it's longer, especially once you put skins on it and considering the Dukes are heavy. The Megawatt is very wide, the Justice is just wide (and a bit soft-flexed). The MW is a specialized powder ski, the Justice is a soft snow ski that behaves well on hard snow if it isn't pushed.

Of the two, I'd recommend the Justice, but before that I'd probably recommend a narrower ski like the Black Diamond Drift or the K2 Coomback.
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If you are taking a ski mountaineering course, I suggest you ask the instructor what he/she would recommend.  An instructor like Swiss Guide Marten Volken (ProGuide Service, North Bend, WA)  might well suggest a narrower ski than you might think: 

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Where will you be skiing at, what types of skiing do you like to do, how much is weight an issue ie. how long do you plan to skin for your turns, and will these be just BC skis or BC/resort skis ?

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Well I have a set of black diamond havoc w tele bindings. Those skis are way too soft. They are light so its easy to skin w them tho and the flexibilty makes them plush. Just dont try to go too fast or too steep.

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