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Mammoth: Favorite Slopes

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What are your favorite slopes to ski at Mammoth?

I love going away from the main ones and finding those with less people/better conditions. A guy at a lift chair once mentioned how in windy conditions he will ski only 8. For New Years weekend the mountain was packed and I really liked Chair 12 for the lack of people there.


What are your preferences?

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Totally condition-dependent. So many variables, including wind and crowds, and temps. Stay higher up on warmer days, when it's cold, go wherever there's wind buff ;)

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Avy chutes usually have good windbuff. Daves run stays soft and less chopped up for days after a storm. I loves the well spaced trees inbetween chair 22 and 25 on a powder day and bluejay. Hidden stashes over on Hemlock ridge if your willing to traverse for awhile and ski a fairly short pitch for the effort. Directly under chair 12 is fun. Thats all my not-so-secret secrets.


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This weekend could be interested with a lack of fresh snow, a freeze/thaw cycle, and 3-day weekend crowds. We do tend to hit 12/14 on those days. We'll see how it pans out!

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I'm going to Mammoth this weekend too and I'm planning for sure to check out 12/14 (not to hit your secret spot) :)

There will be more crowds for sure compared to a regular weekend but on the positive side -- the weather will be awesome. Have a blast! I can't wait to finish work on Friday and head up to the mountain!!!

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Yes, a bit of spring in January. Safe travels and enjoy!

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