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K2 Mach S

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K2's answer to the slalom problem, the Mach S was pretty wild! I strapped on a pair of 174's (the longest they make) and found that even under my 200-lb. frame, they wer too long. I was wishing I had listened and gone 167. They were very stable, very snappy, and a wonderful ride.

Less is more though. The more you try to energize them, the more they leave you behind. They turned best when I focused on quick edge-to-edge movements and left countered stance out of it. If I tried to "drive them" with huge leg rotation patterns, they shot right out from underneath me!! Waaaaay fast.

Anyway, a great ski in the right length, I believe. K2 looks to be a power-house again this year even after the move to Big Red (China). I'm planning on picking some up this year for sure.

2 cents,
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Good review! I just started pro-repping for them and have a pair in a 160. I'm 5'10" 180. and wish they made a 150! What a ski. Lot's of energy. Gotta stay on the front of the boot (no leveraging) and utilize very subtle tipping. Got tossed into the back seat several times. I am really impressed.

I was afraid I had made a bad decision to sell their stuff. I was mistaken!

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I just sent in my order for a 158 Race stock.... the skis are absolutely SICK i skied on a bunch this summer and the K2's blew them all away. the sollies were just wierd, the volkls were faintly reminiscent of plasterboard under my feet, i will never buy a pair of rossies again even the tho the ones I tried felt ok, but the k2's were insane.
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Spag and Rusty: why do you want to go shorter? I'm 6' 170 and thought i'd get the Mach S in a 174 to give it more versitility. I assume a shorter length would hypercarve better but the longer length would seem to be better once your legs gave out and you just wanted to cruise around. Any thoughts on the pros and cons of longer vs shorter?
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I guess I would have to suggest you stick with a 160cm. I think buying a longer ski defeats the purpose. Buy an "all mountain" ski for cruising. The Mach S is very forgiving.It is just a great deal of fun in the shorter length.
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