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Getting to Steamboat ...

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Looking to try something new this year after a couple trips to Breckenridge. Steamboats on the top of the list right now.  I was planning on flying into Denver and taking a shuttle to Steamboat --but it seems like a bit of a haul.  What is the preferred method for getting to Steamboat, fly to Denver and shuttle, or get a connection to Hayden ?  Do you neeed to have a rental car to get around Steamboat ?


 I was thinking of staying at the Steamboat Sheraton, or a ski in /ski out condo nearby.  Any suggestions ?

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I always fly into Hayden (via connection in Denver).

You really don't need a rental car in Steamboat. There is the free bus service between the mountain and town. Also, many lodging properties have their own shuttles which you can use as well if you stay at a property that has one.

If you stay at the Sheraton you can opt to use their own shuttle to town in the evening or you are also close enough to the public transit stop to take that if you prefer.

If you opt not to rent a car you would need to take a shuttle service like Alpine or Storm Mountain to/from your lodging though.

I've always stayed at the Sheraton and find it super convenient to everything.

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American has a direct out of ORD,  that's much nicer than connecting.  You could also look at directs into Eagle and drive or shuttle form there.

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There's no shuttle from Eagle airport unless you have a large enough group to pay for a charter, but you probably wouldn't save much on the flight anyways to make it worth it.  Fly into Hayden, no rental car necessary.  Lots of flight deals going on right now:


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American has a direct out of ORD,  that's much nicer than connecting.  You could also look at directs into Eagle and drive or shuttle form there.

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I've been to Steamboat several times and it is one of our favorites. You might want to consider whether to stay at the base village or take the free shuttle from downtown. My wive and I really like the downtown ambience and the shuttle is easy to catch and conveniently drops you off right at the base. There are MANY restaurants, bars and shops within easy walking distance downtown.

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Kind of a derp question. "Preferred," by definition, is up to you. Not much to it: You compare prices and choose the one that works best for your time frame. Obviously flying is going to be quicker, but it may be more expensive. Do a little research and find out.


As others said, no need for a rental car if Steamboat is your only destination. It's a tiny town with a free bus everywhere you want to go. Hotels also offer shuttles.

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My wife always prefers a car. She is a bit of a princess. There is no way to avoid that one unless were at the Cliff Lodge at Snowbird with no town nearby. We stayed at the Wyndam at Steamboat a few years back. They had an underground garage which was nice. Car was always snow free despite the big dumps. The drive from Denver to Steamboat is not bad. Its about 3 hours. A steamboat flight from SFO for me can be 3 times the cost. The most important thing is that you are going there. The mountain doesn't shock and awe you like Jackson Hole, but it left me with some great memories. Fun place with long runs.
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