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Problem with Intuition Liners

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I was recently fitted with Intuition Luxury Liners medium volume. The first time the bootfitter lightly tightened the buckles during the initial cook and fitting. He said he wanted to be sure the liner had enough volume.  I have  low volume bony feet and ankles and skinny calves.  They said to expect some discomfort for a while as the liners were breaking in. I found that my toes were getting swished/curled and went back to the shop after a day of skiing. (Toes felt like they were in a vise) They used a heat gun to try to open up the toe area. We went through this several times. I also was getting a lot of pain in my right outside ankle bone. I finally decided I needed to just grit my teeth and put up with the pain hoping it would get better after skiing the boots for a few more days. I wake up at night with my feet throbbing. On the 8th day I took my boots off and my toes were numb. Feeling came back in all but my big toes on both feet. They've been partially numb for 4 days now. I decided this was not right. I went back to the shop and the bootfitter there at the time said the only way to fix it was to recook the liners. We did that and now the liners are too small for the shell. I went back and another fitter said that what happens when you recook the liner. His solution was to shim the bottom of the footbed. This didn't work and now the liners feel loose even when tightening the boot. It's a sensation of the being tight and loose at the same time. Also my ankle bone hurts like hell. The foam material in the liner and firmer than the original liners and I'm wondering if my feet are too sensitive for a firmer foam. I bought these because I thought a custom liner would fit better and be more comfortable and perform better.  Also be warmer. I'm afraid I'm stuck with a pair of liners that don't work. Aside from being in constant pain I did have great control. I feel like I'm being a pain the in ass to the ski shop coming in all the time complaining. They want me to be satisfied.


I went back to my old liners today because I couldn't take the pain of the Intuitions any more.


Is it out of line to ask for a new set of liners? I'm willing to pay some for a new pair. Also wondering if a different model maybe more appropriate.  Thanks

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without seeing the foot and the boot it is impossible to say what is happening, yes it is possible to reheat the intuition (carefully) after the second or third time though the shrink like crazy... what you do/pay etc etc is between you and your bootfitter but you have done the classic thing that people do ..... 


you didn't get an instant result from the fitter after he recooked the liner (and shrunk them by the sounds of things) so you went to another fitter, who was happy to tell you they were wrong and the only solution was the shim or new liners (question: was this a fitter in the same store... if so they have admitted that they screwed up)


how about actually going back to the guy who did the fit and discussing it with him

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These guys all work for the same shop. They probably have 10 different guys that work there different days of the week. It's a grab bag as who you wind up with. So you rarely work with the same guy twice. I had 10 days in these liners when my toes went numb. My understanding is that they should break in within 10 - 12 days. Presently my feet are so messed up I'm worried there's permanent  damage. My feet wake me up every night throbbing. I fully understood there's a breakin period just like new boots.

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somewhere you lost reality in the translation........


an intuition liner is custom molded to your foot.


with the correct sized boot shell in length, width, and volume, and the properly selected intuition to match your shell and foot, you should be skiing pain free, comfortable and warm on the very first run that you use them. 


there is not any break-in to be done with a properly fit intuition liner.


these guys are jerking your chain so hard that i can feel it.



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I just compared my old liner to the luxury liner. The toe area material in the luxury liner is much larger than the technical inferno liners. I'm thinking that's the problem. I also have custom footbeds which take up some space.

I don't know if there's a solution for that or not.  any suggestions?

thanks for the info

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The ski shop replaced the liners and refitted my boats. Things are good now.

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Originally Posted by skisailpnw View Post


The ski shop replaced the liners and refitted my boats. Things are good now.

hopefully refitted your boots... boats is a lot of the problem we see on herewink.gif

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