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Newb Boot Questions

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Ready guys here goes nothing....
#1: is there a strick routine that I should follow when putting boots on? Something along the lines of "place foot in boot,tap heel,buckle in the order of spark plugs" to get the proper grab.
#2:The walk/ski switch....does it really do anything?
#3: kinda of the boot topic but what is the difference in binding tech from one company to the next? Isn't a din setting universal across the board
Thanks for the help and p,ease by all means have fun with these!
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#1. get in, tighten the ankle till it hurts---back off till it's comfortable, but no looser---snug the rest----- never tighten the lower ones on the top of the foot----hope you have 4 buckle boots.  the ankle buckle is the only one which can hold the foot back into the heel pocket.


#2. doesn't do anything----EXCEPT removing all the rebound in the boot it is on. NOT a good thing.


#3. all binding din numbers are supposed to equal the same effect.  have yours checked.



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