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Porsche Skis

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I'm looking for information on a pair of skis sold by Porsche Design. From what I understand, these were manufactured by Head - maybe just a re-skin of an existing Head design?? There were 50 pairs made. The model is "TI - X - 100". These are 167 cm with a profile of 118-99-107 - they look like water skis! They are light, so I'm assuming titanium.

Anybody know anything about these? Thanks. -- Curt
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Last year, I saw em' for sale with the Volkl logo. Black if I remember right.
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I thinbk the Volkl model was a re-skinned V4 or V3. It sure didn't have a 99 waist anyway.
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These are black, but no Volkl markings. I'm wondering if Head made a ski of similar dimensions in the past. I can't find any current skis with that fat a waist. Porsche Design often attempts to build "the better mousetrap" - coffee makers, brief cases, radios, etc. Maybe this was an exclusive design that simply flopped? -- Curt
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I think they
A) try to capitalize on their name when selling other stuff than cars
B) want to make sure that they're the first selling the other stuff under their name. Davidoff, Ferrari are doing the same. Point to make: Porsche had a junior MTB race team for a few years. Supporting the sport i found pretty cool. BTW, the Porsche bikes are built by Votec. The ski's i think are Volkl's.
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Don't confuse Porsche for Porche Design...two different companies I think. Same family lineage obviously..
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No doubt. These things are definitely boutique items. I bought them because I'm a 911 fanatic and they look like some relatively cheap wall art. Now that I've got them, the design is so odd I'm trying to figure out what exactly they were intended for.

PS: Porsche Design is a seperate company from Porsche, AG. PD was founded by Butzi Porsche (designer of the 911) in the mid-70s.

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And a nice zebra pattern Bogner one-piece and fluoro headband to round off the ensemble.
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I think that it will be probably Volkl ski...

Check it on special VOLKL PORSCHE website: http://www.voelkl.com/porsche/index.htm

It has PORSCHE design and similar measures as P50 SlalomCarver....
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118-99-107 would probably make it a reskinned explosive.

Pretty sweet ski no matter what the graphics.
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Hmmm You also have to find some of the old Kastinger, Porsche Design, boots to go with these.
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The Porsche Slalom Carver is not imported for the U.S. market, at least not by Volkl USA.

Specifications from Volkl's (english, not U.S.) website: http://www.voelkl.com/english/ski.htm

A top-slalom Carver - maneuverable & versatile - with the revolutionary motion - ski & binding technology!

Construction Core: energY_SensorWoodCore
Sidecut: 106-63-93
Lengths (Radii): 156 (14,1m) 163 (15,7m) 170(17,3m) 177 (19,1m)
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Thanks for the input on this. But I'm pretty sure these aren't Volkl's. They have a crude handbuilt appearance. They have very little sidecut and I wouldn't even classify them as a 'shaped ski'. For all I know, they could be a prop for store window! [img]smile.gif[/img] Anyway, here's a couple of photos:

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