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Rossi's Hellgate and Big Bang

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The Hellgate is a Bandit X in dimension but it has a very damp quality that makes it confortable at speed. The graphics are cool too. Ideally, it's a race tele ski but I've had a lot of fun with it on steeps, crud and bumps. I'm 180lbs. 6'. I ski it in a 184cm length with a skyhoy binding and newer Scarpa T1 boots. With that setup I can make my alpine friends scratch their Heds wondering how I can get such good purchase on hard pack with an edge. It likes both long and medium radius turn shapes with a slight preference to the medium shape.

The Big Bang is a Bandit XX in dimension but it has a somewhat forgiving flex that makes it fun in soft conditions but limits its speedometer to the mid-range. I ski it in a 184cm length with a T9 G3 binding. It feels wonderful on steep terrain with loose snow making medium to short radius turns. I may have liked it better in a 191cm length but I have no regrets with the 184cm length that I chose. I'd like to replace it with a Tua Crossride when I move to Maine this Summer.
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I was behind a woman who was strapped to the Hell Gate in the lift line at Copper.

She had even flex and smooth lines but there was some muscle underneath her topsheets.
She looked nice and curvy...err..carvy, yet not to compliant nor too soft.

Overall, a good way to pass the time waiting for a chair.
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How do you like the Skyhoys? Can you compare them with Linkens?
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I haven't tried the Linkens. I'll say this about the SkyHoys...

On warmer days and or fresh snow days there's a tendancy for my boot to slowly pack the toe with snow and therefore slowly push the toe out backwards.

I think that this problem is exacerbated by my boots. I have newer Scarpa T1's. The bellows at the toe aren't super flexy. So, my uphill boot will sometimes ratchet out of the toe pocket ever so slightly allowing the snow to pack in when I bring the heel back down.

Skied all day yesterday with the SkyHoys; no problems. Temps were below 30 F all day.
Also, I focused on applying more pressure to the uphill ski so as to flex the bellows more and keep the toe in as much as possible. Boy, that does get the skis carving hard.

Any redux out there on the Linken?
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by PinHed:
Any redux out there on the Linken?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

If you mean regarding the new shim and snowpacking, see: Linken and Snowpacking Update. In general, I have foud the Linken to be very high performance. The ski became much more responsive than with my superloops. I use T1s also, and my toe never wiggles out. It is a little harder to flex down to the ball of the foot (I can't go all the way), but I still feel far more in control. I can carve comfortably (ie, with greater stability) at higher speeds on hardpack or crud than with any other binding I've tried. If you can make it to the CO Bears Gathiring at Copper (and if I am still able to go), we can swap for some runs. I should have HHs by then too.
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I'm waiting for a pair of Atomic TM20s in a 180 which I'll mount with the HH. Trying to get a pair of Tua's Crossride 112 since the Tenexs are all gone for this season except for retail. Gonna put the HH on the Tua too. So AC, if you do come out to Copper, you'll have those to try also for the skis sake. Obviously, not for the bindings sake.
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