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Ski sizing

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I currently ski a set of 2010 Atomic Nomad Crimnson TI at 169 cm. i weigh 214 and ski at expert level.

I am looking at the new 2013 Nomads which now have a kicker - what length would be idea for me?


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I'd go to at least the 171, but probably the 178. The early rise tip makes a longer ski ski like a shorter version. Best to demo if you can.
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Sorry if I don't take your word for it when you say "expert". As a first time poster, I have nothing to go off of, and the truth is most people wildly exaggerate/overestimate their own abilities (btw, "I can ski blacks and double blacks" is not a good representation of whether or not you are a good skier...most intermediates can "ski" double blacks).  It's hard to find any expert, or even advanced skier, who isn't well versed in all aspects of this sport and wouldn't even know what length of ski they should be on.....not to mention it's not really a question they would ask like this because the answer is "it depends."  Perhaps you really are an expert skier that is just clueless about gear...then forgive me, but understand my skepticism.


If you want good advice, some more details of your skiing and an honest analysis of your own skiing ability would help.


Anyways, regardless of your actual skiing ability, regarding your question....the answer is - "it depends".  What type of skiing are you going to be doing?  What type of style suits your skiing?  Do you like groomed runs vs. off-piste?  Do you get to ski a lot of powder or spend most days on hardpack? 


Actually, since you're looking at the nomads...I'm going to assume you're not looking for a powder ski, but an all-mountain one ski quiver.

Just based on your weight alone, a 169cm nomad is too short.  178 minimum.  longer if any of these apply:

  • you truly are an expert and can really work/bend those skis
  • you are buying a powder ski
  • you enjoy skiing big sweeping turns rather than short quick turns.
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