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Late March Skiing on Vermont?

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I realize that every year is different buy how are the conditions usually in late March in Southern Vermont? When do the resorts usually close?
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as you say, its all about Mother Nature. Some of my best ski days at Mt Snow have been in late march. Spring skiing but sometimes not the best granular snow but seems as if every weekend is a party weekend with Mardi Gras, Pond Skim, etc. In the past, there's still plenty of good skiing to be had in March.
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Spring bumps?  Nor'easter?  Bare spots with little open terrain?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Generally skiing late March early April can be a risky proposition.  Generally you can still find some good skiing in Vt, but you might need to head north.  Just look what this little January thaw did to the open terrain in those areas.

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Usually New England ski areas stay open until early April, although in bad seasons they will close earlier and good seasons some areas will stretch the season as long as possible.


Southern Vermont ski areas tend to get less natural snow then Northern Vermont does, so they rely a bit more heavily on snow-making.  That said, nobody runs snow-guns after President's Week (mid-February), due to the cost of running the guns + fewer people coming.


The trails which got blasted by snow-making usually have lots of base on them and won't be a problem come late March.  If you're looking to ski trees, natural snow trails, etc. -- things could be getting sketchy.


Slope aspect is also an important factor consider.  North-facing slopes tend to hold snow better simply because they don't get baked by the sun to the same degree that south-facing slopes do.


I've been skiing New England since 1999 now. have had my best day of the season in every month from October to April.  The short answer is that there will most definitely be skiing available in late March.  Deals are plentiful at that time.  Keep an eye on the weather, see who has been getting plentiful natural snowfall (could be northern, could be southern Vermont), and go there at the last second.  Vermont isn't that big a state.

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I make a trip to New England almost every late March or early April. The variance is gigantic. Some years, it has the best snow of the year and lots of it. Last year, most places were closed by the end of March and I had 3 or 4 days of 80 degree+ skiing at Stowe in mid/late March before I headed up to Sugarloaf for 4 or 5 days of pretty good skiing. A couple of general rules - more north is  better late in the year; of all of the places I've been to (and that includes all the major places), Sugarloaf is usually the best if the conditions are not good from melt, etc. In VT, Stowe and Jay stay better longer than anyplace else and which is better varies from year to year. Anyplace below Killington fades fast, and Killington can get quickly down to a few trails (Superstar is always the last standing at K). All that being said, I have had tons of fun on the last day at MRG several years, skiing on very thin cover, straw, mud, moss and jumping the occasional puddle/small pond. But end of the season in New England usually bears no resemblance to a mid Feb ski trip.

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March is def the begining of the end, really lucky years i have gone in April in the Northeast.  but not far into April. lol

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Most all of the larger resorts close the second weekend of mach.  March 10-15. In the alst 10 years I have skied So Vt in April every year except 2012.  This does require a liberal definition of the word Ski. 

As far as planning a trip: You will have no trouble finding rooms, passes, rentals, etc in mid-late march.   Typically the snow is soft, skys are clear, and air is warmer.   Less trails will be open.

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Sorry, I meant April, not March.  Closing will be April 8-15 typicaly. 

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Originally Posted by EasideSoulSkier View Post

March is def the begining of the end, really lucky years i have gone in April in the Northeast.  but not far into April. lol


Sorry, disagree with this. Sugarloaf and Saddleback OFTEN (not just occasionally) have their best skiing of the year in early April. I have been to Sugarloaf more than once in late April when there was WAY more snow on the upper mountain than there had been in February.


Edit: Check out the Saddleback page. Virtually all of the pics and one of the videos were taken in April. Base elevation, 2,400'.

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Originally Posted by vsirin View Post
Sugarloaf is usually the best


Agree. Not generally a huge Sugarloaf fan, but a good spring day at Sugarloaf is as good as it gets in the East.

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Even last year, which was a terrible year, there was still skiing at Killington in late March and into April.  Most years I ski St. Patrick's day (mid March) at MRG (which has no snowmaking on the upper mountain) and the cover is still quite good.  If you want to ski S. Vt. in late March I would plan on skiing Killington and I would be prepared for possible spring conditions.



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Originally Posted by Ski the East View Post

 be prepared for possible spring conditions.


Oh no! Not that! Run for your lives! eek.gif   wink.gif

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