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Salomon X-Scream 9
Length: 185
Snow Conditions: Softer stuff of Utah and Colorado.
Number days used: 10
Ability level: 7.368
Years skiing: 3
Ht./Wt.: 6'1", 195

The ski is advertised as a more forgiving version of the popular Scream series. For one, it is softer. My experience is that it's a blast to ski, and is probably most at home in the conditions I've skied it in; namely, the more flattering conditions of the Rockies. Very easy to turn (it's aimed at intermediate to advanced skiers), quick to respond to input. Not for straightlining, especially on the icy/packed stuff, though it held fine for me on bigger, faster turns on the packed man-made of Snow Summit. (Much friendlier here than the Rossi 10.4's I use as my "rock" skis. The ski wants to be on edge.
I don't ski moguls well enough to comment on the skis' bump performance. The wider tip(shape: 103/66/93) lends to decent float in the powder, though the deepest I've taken it is into mid-shin depth.
I love the ski. And as I progress, I believe I'll really begin to appreciate the tool that it is. I have since picked up a bigger ski for deeper snow, heavier crud and faster arcing, but the 9 is quite a fun toy.