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Vail Lift Tickets

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Does anybody have or know of anyone with discounted lift tickets for Vail. Ill be there the weekend of the 31st of Jan and looking for a source. I need 9...3 peeps sling 3 days.
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Not unless you buy them ahead at and its not much of a discount. If anyone else knows a cheaper route, please post it.
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The only discount is if you buy 14 days in advance. Or if someone has Epic Pass and you can use one of the SWOF discounts.

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There are a few options for discounted tickets-

    1.  Online at is abuot 10% cheaper than walk up

    2.  Epic Pass holders get some ski with a friend tickets- price varies by time of year and when the pass holder bought their pass, but prices vary from $69 to the $90s.

    3.  Employee buddy tickets are $50- I have used all but one of mine (and have friends coming early Feb).

    4.  On occasion, I will see other websites have Vail tickets at a discount- some of these have been posted in other Epic threads, but I don`t know of any currently off the top of my head.

    5.  Combine with a lodging package.

    6.  Depending on age/skill level, combine with a group ski lesson.  i.e. 3 day lift/lesson for adult first timers is $300 and many of the kids lesson products include a lift ticket for just a bit more than the lesson price.

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I saw someone post discounted tix at but to be honest, the site looked a little sketch to me.  Anyone know if it's legitimate?

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