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Best place in Italy in March? (or beyond...)

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Having been to Sauze D'Oulx twice, we're looking to ski in Italy again. At first I thought the Dolomites! But then realised the snow might not be good there mid-march... anybody have experience in Selva that time of year?


I want a large skiing area, we thought Italy for price and also we'll have a novice with us, so it's better for easy riding. Also the initial plan is to go mid-March (17-23). I know Cervinia would be good for area and snow, but it's supposedly expensive and the town sounds a bit on the quiet side.


I love the look of Madonna di Campiglio area also, a bit more inland, slightly higher overall, but does anyone know how the snow will be there at that time?


I've been to Sauze at the same time of year and just about been ok for good snow, but last time it was melting quite a bit below 15-1800m and almost bare at 1300m when we left at the end of March.


Alternatively... Where else in Europe would be good conditions in March, but still good value? apart from Chamonix, La Plagne/Les Arcs, St Anton, as I've been there as well and would like something new!




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I don't think Cervinia's particularly expensive and not so quiet either, and it's pretty snowsure. That's a good place to start and it has more intermediate skiing than just about anyplace in the Alps.


The Monterosa complex (Alagna/Gressoney/Champoluc) is bigger than Cervinia/Zermatt but it's kind of an acquired taste, Champoluc's  a nice village, but it's on the outer edge of the area.


I'd be wary of going to the eastern part of the Italian Alps in March (eg, the Dolomites) unless you can go last minute. Areas are on the low side over there.


You could also consider Bormio and Livigno, the latter of which is known as a good bet in value terms. They're both pretty high. Also La Thuile/La Rosiere's not bad, though not much excitement in the village if I remember correctly.Tonale/Ponte di Legno may also deserve to be on your list now that they're linked: http://www.wheretoskiandsnowboard.com/resorts/PassoTonale/ 


If you're looking for value, you can rule Switzerland out, but there are likely some good bets in France. Where to Ski and Snowboard will repay you for the 15 bucks or so you spend to buy it. 

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We did a late March trip a few years ago and stayed in Courmayeur. The village is very nice and plenty interesting for an evening stroll and  not too expensive. The skiing was good with connection to Chamonix.  We made a side trip to La Thuile which is only about a half hour or so. Some interesting towns, castles, etc. in the Aosta area.

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Courmayeur not super high, but sure. 

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Thanks lots of great advice! I will check out monterosa as I hadn't come across that yet.

Tonale I am also considering, it's the next valley from Madonna Di Campiglio, which looks much larger, but sadly the two are not connected.

Cormayeur is lovely, I spent two days there when in Chamonix, but most of us have been to chamonix before and I don't know that Cormayeur will be enough for a whole week. It's in reserve though!
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Don't be too put off by the number of reds on the Monterosa piste map. A lot of those really should be blues (easier than many of the blues in St. Anton for example), so your novice shouldn't be too out of his/her depth.

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