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A pair of (well used) 27.5 / 27.0 Rossi Elite Pro 2's from 2005 (319mm sole)- No missing parts but like any used boot, there are scuffs and marks.  One of the buckles has rust on it (see pics) but it does not impact the functionality.  The toe & heel plates have seen a lot of wear but can be used as they are with no problem or they can be swapped as those parts are replacable on this boot. I last skied these boots before Christmas this year and they were fantastic (as always).  These have the Rossignol Custom Airfit inserts and the Rossi inserts.  These boots have seen a lot of time on the mountain so they are priced low to get them to someone who can make use of them as I have replaced them with a new boot. $50 & you cover shipping.  Since I plan on buying a nice backpack-style boot bag with any $'s that come from these, I would also be willing to consider swap for an Athlon/Marker "Everything" or Dakine backpack-style boot bags that typically sell for around $50 to $75.


Here is one of the few links to of these on the web that I could find...


Note that these are listed on that site as a 90 flex but you have to remember that these were rated based on the older, more realistic flex ratings.  I would rate the flex on these as closer to a typical 110 of today's boots.  These do have some of the features wanted/needed by racers.  The is NOT a plug boot but rather is the Rossi custom air fit so they are a warm boot.  I have skied all day in these in sub freezing temps.