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Stockli Laser GS

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Ski Make: Stockli
Ski Model: Laser GS
Ski Length: 178cm
Snow Conditions Used In: hardpack/groomed
Number of Days Used: 2.5
Your Ability: advanced
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 23
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 26.75
Other Skis You Like: Atomic 10.20, Dynaster 4X4 (the gray ones), Salli Series, Rossi Mtn Viper, lots of others.
Your Height/Weight: 5'8" 180lbs
This is the mother of all GS skis. We nicknamed it the "monster" because it was so awesome.
Laminate construction, beefy, damp, super solid feel. You have to be a fearless maniac and ski this ski hard. Does not like to be skied slow. Comes alive above 30mph. When I was out of my comfort zone, this ski just laughed at me.
Too much ski to be on all day, but I had fun on it for a couple of days. I kept giving it to my buddy when it wore me out, then he'd give it back when it wore him out.
If you're a serious speed freak looking for the real thing, this is it. I promise.
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I am the happy owner of a pair of Stockli 186cm Laser GS

I ski telemark. I am very strong and fit, weight 180ish pounds.

When i bought these I was afraid they might kill me. When I came on them I was falling over constantly. then I tried to open up.. That was a revelation. give them speed and show them som trust, and they will reward you in an unbelievable way. So stable, so smooth, so fast, so easy (as in: Keep focusedĀ  keep pressure on the edge, dont get in the backseat) when skied they are the easiest ski I have ever skied. They keep that edge, they fly over whatever is underneath (you wont notice and you dont have time to see). the craftmanship is wonderfull, the long curves on the skis are beautiful, the flex is intimidating.
They do require some effort, I tried skiing a slalom course (not a competition one) where thigt turns really where needed, and that was very demanding. But on a wide piste without too many people and a nice hard surface..

I think everyone should do themselves a big favour and buy a pair of these. They make carving on icey slopes an easy fun and surfy experience, and fast.
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