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Lange Freeride 130

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I am looking at various 130 flex boots and a local shop has a pair of Lange Freeride 130's availalbe for cheap.  I know Lange doesn't make these anymore (the pair available is a few years old--maybe 3 or 4 years), but they are not used boots.   I was wondering what the current successor is to these boots and whether there have been any significant changes or they are pretty much the same boot with some cosmetic differences.  I know the Freeride seems to have been pretty well regarded a few years ago.  I tried them on and the shells seem to fit well except for a few spots that will have to be punched (bunions).  I have oddly shaped feet anyway, so I'll need some work done on them whatever I get.  If there haven't been any big changes in materials, fit, last, etc. I can't really pass up the deal event though I was looking at the new models.  Just wanted to make sure I wasn't buying an "outdated" boot.


Assuming the fit is good, any other reasons I should be hesitant to get this boot?

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try on the newer version and see how the fit is?   But yes, the new version is similar to what you tried on.

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