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AK Rocket

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Ski Make: AK Rocket
Ski Model: Salomon
Ski Length: 190
Snow Conditions Used In: Firm to soft
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: 8
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 30
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 35
Other Skis You Like: Most Salomons and Atomics
Your Height/Weight: 6/185
Comments: I confess I have had only one day on these skis. It was the last day of the season at Stevens Pass (April.) The snow was firm in the morning but not icy. By the end of the day it was somewhat sun baked slush.
I was really surprised by these skis. They held and carved on the firmer morning snow much better than I thought they would. They were decent at higher speeds for a soft ski. Later in the day we were skiing under the Southern Cross chair in sun baked snow and I noticed I was skiing with much less effort than my friends of similar abilities who were on Screamer 9s and Series.

I can't wait to ski the Rocket in deep snow this season.

jd, can you say Rocket Pilot.

Caveat, I do some ski sales and demo work for Salomon, but I respect this forum and the Bears so this is not a sales pitch but my honest opinion.
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Hi Lucky!

Jeez, you sure aren't getting much action here on these posts. Some of my favorite skis, too. I think you are set for the season for the XMax and Rockets. Great quiver!
Me? I just have those old 200 Rockets and whatever I can borrow.

Hey Dave! Barry! Did you hear that?
hint hint
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Hi jd, Just wondering, are you finding ski sales slow so far?
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I got some 200 Rockets. I enjoyed this ski in the deep and soft stuff but man o' man talk about a cumbersome ski in bumps. For me personally this ski is way too soft to use all mountain. But, i have it soley for soft/deep days.
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