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Whitedot Preacher as all mountain ski?

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Hey, I am looking with some interest at the Whitedot Preacher ski. I intend to demo at some point, but for now I am a little confused as to it's characteristics.
The preacher is an unorthodox ski as it is 112mm at the waist, which plonks it in the realm of a "big mountain" ski (as defined by Epicski's buyers guide). However, it has a huge amount of sidecut for its "class", and has a conventional camber profile, as well as a massive tip for its waist.
Somehow these features combine into a ski that does it all, according to the reviews I have read, but the reviews I have found are usually in the context of a big mountain ski, and I was wondering if its significant sidecut and camber mean it performs on-piste at a comparable level with most 98mm skis.
I am personally looking for my first set of all mountain skis so I can get eyeball deep in some pow without having to relearn how to ski because of the size of the ski, I am 5'10 and 190lbs, and used to skiing on piste on frontside carvers. Are the preachers accessible to someone like me or do they behave like massive skis with some carve?
And if not, what is? Line P-98? Bones?
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Hi ArturoCarlos,


I  skied the Preacher in pretty good variety of conditions (http://www.exoticskis.com/forum/default.aspx?g=posts&t=104) a few seasons ago. The Preacher is an "All Mountain" ski if you ski large resort areas with predominantly 3-dimensional (virgin or cut-up) snow most of the time.  It does not really compare to a 98mm-waisted ski, even with its ample sidecut and relatively short radius measurements. I think it really has a bigger ski feel to it than any 98mm-category skis.  I would say that it behaves like a traditionally cambered ski, but with way more float and support.  Hard snow carving is pretty impressive, even with its 112mm waist.  If you are looking for your first "all mountain" ski, and have been used to frontside carvers in the past, I would try to demo as many skis in the 95-100mm waist class as possible....and if you want to play in the powder without relearning technique...a rockered all-mountain ski around 95-100mm could be just the ticket.  I peronally feel (and many might correct me), the Preacher is really, really fun, but oriented toward a class of feel above 98mm...not so much because of its waist dimension, but the overall surface area it presents onto the snow in most turns.  Since it is relatively traditionally cambered, it really plants a fairly large platform of ski surface on the snow while cruising along or executing turns of various sizes.


I personally love the Preacher, and would own a pair, but with your stated history of carving skis and desire to get your first all-mountain ski, the Preacher might be more ski than you bargained for unless you only want it to ski it only in deeper conditions and want some traditional feel.  The White Dot guys in the U.K. are always willing to hook people up with a shop offering demos, so I would contact them and see if you can get a demo near a place you ski.


Let me know if you would like more info or have any questions...


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Ok thanks, that is exactly the kind of reply I was looking for. As an aside, are there any 95-98mm which you would recommend for someone like me? A lot of reviews are from the perspective of experienced powder skiers who are looking for high performance skis, not good skis to progress technique on and learn with.
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Well actually, I use the Preacher as an allmountainski, and I find it just as easy to ski as an Armada ARV with 92mm.  I also know a couple of people who did not believed me, but I convinced them to try them and they bought them!  Of course you will need to have your leg muscles in good condition as it takes more leverage to have them change sides, but I always ski it everywhere, even with my little boy who is still a beginner...  I also did a carving training on them.  What I should not do is get a rockered ski, it is better to start with the traditionally shaped Preacher and later do Rocker, as rockered skis have really short edges!  Really: the Preacher is actually a good ski to ski after carve skis. 


What I always say is: Preacher like everything in between sheet ice and 1 meter of powder. Sheet ice: get a racing ski, more than 1 meter of powder - get banana skis!  For the rest the Preacher will do brilliantly!

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