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Hidden Valley PA sold?

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Hearing rumors that the Nuttings have bought Hidden Valley. Anyone else hear this? Opinions?
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I certainly hope not for HV's sake. I've been a 7 Springs passholder for the last 5 years. This is my last winter in Pittsburgh, but if I was sticking around I'd have to think pretty hard about where I'd be getting a pass for next year. 7S certainly has a better lift system and slightly better terrain, but their snowmaking and management flat-out sucks.


Look at their webcams this week. Half the slopes are green, yet there are giant snow piles ready to form the halfpipe. They spend an incredible percentage of snowmaking capacity building that halfpipe and the adjacent slopestyle jumps that will be used by a fraction of a percentage of skiers. Even worse, it's now mid-January... I guarantee you the halfpipe won't be open before February. So they dedicate all these resources for something used by a handful of skiers for 3 or 4 weeks total? It's ridiculous and insulting.


I understand that they're a mid-atlantic resort with limited terrain and so they distinguish themselves with their parks... but that doesn't change the fact that they need to serve the 99% of patrons who are there to ski/board the slopes (or use the other terrain parks) and will never go near the halfpipe or slopestyle jumps.


Meanwhile, Hidden Valley invested in a new snowmaking system 2 years ago that is far more efficient than what 7S has. One day when I was there last year, the manager at the lodge was showing me around and describing some of the plans they had. Really nice guy and you could tell he was really working hard to improve the place.


Sorry for the rant, but seeing that stupid halfpipe alongside bare slopes the last 2 years infuriates me.

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Mostly unhappy people over at dcski. I think that the way the Nuttings are (mis)handling re-opening Laurel Mountain has not made them any fans. I don't think they could afford to pull another LM with Hidden Valley but it sure would put them in control of pricing.

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Very interesting. I have been out of town for a week and missed this .People at 7 Springs on New Years were talking about Nutting skiing over at Hidden Valley the day before. Anyway, much of what has been said regarding the focus and priority on the super pipe one half of one percent of the skiers and boarders use is true. Nutting certainly has made improvements but few I care about Taking away the SAt & Sun 8 AM front side lift start disappoints me. I do believe maybe naively that they still have a commitment to snow making. Can still remember conversations on the lift speculating if "he" Herman Dupre would make snow that night. If the weather would allow it was probably a sure bet. Miss the old days I guess. This is my 32 second season skiing there. I have certainly had some great times there and have made agog number of skiing friends as well. Like a lot of small areas a sense of community exists. I would forgive Bob Nutting if he would "buck up" and replace the ancient slow North Face chair lift with a high speed quad and put snow making under the Gunnar high speed lift. When you can ski under the chair it is the best run at 7 Springs IMHO. Just my $.02 cents.
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I am also a long time Seven Springer.  However after skiing there 35 years, I moved to Cleveland the year the Dupre's sold.  I have only been back a couple of times the following year and not since.  I can't comment on how the Nuttings have done, but I do want Hidden Valley to succede as it is good for the sport and good for the region.  I only skied HV a handful of time 20+ years ago and found it quaint in a family way.  I know of many families who raised their kids on skis there.  It would be nice for HV to grow and thrive, who ever owns them.


And I agree with Round Turns, The Gunnar chair line is the best fall line on the hill, especially the upper half.  I bet we have ridden a chair together at some point over the years.


Rick G

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Did you have all the Salomon Prolink equipment years ago and were a member of the safety patrol? I believe at the time you sold gift items?


If so, I certainly do remember you. I remember you telling me that when your daughter was 5 years old you bought her stretch pants?


Funny what you can remember 20 some years ago.


Same "bump crew" still skiing here, most retired now.(Matt , Les, Roger, Roy, Juan). Somethings never change!

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