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North East Mid or Late week 1 night getaway Where to Go

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Hello friends,


I'm trying to plan a getaway with my family in the North East. I am on a budget. Under $500 would be best. I am looking at 1 night and two days of skiing. My wife is coming but she doesn't ski and has no desire to learn. My kids like Greens that aren't flat and gentle Blues, would like some nice scenery as well. So this is what I have found so far.


Option 1. Bolton Valley stay in Burlington and ski Smuggsthe next day. I like this option as it's the cheapest $328 dollars if I book a 3.5 star in Burlington through hotwire. I also like that I can ski from Noon to close at BV meaning I can leave the house at 7:30 am. I can get my tics for Smuggs through Costco for $50 for adult and $40 for the kids. What I don't like is my wife would be stuck at both hills all day and Smuggs only has double chairs so either myself or my son will ride the chairs alone or with strangers.


Option 2 WildCat stay in North Conway than ski Attitash. I'm not sure but I think the scenery might be a tad bit nicer. I hear WildCat has a nice beginner run from the top. $359 if I buy a two day lift ticket good at both mountains and I stay in a 3 star for $83 through hotwire. My only grip about this option is to be at the hill for 9:00 am on day one we would have to leave the house at 5:00am. Not a big deal for me but I have two sleepers in my family.


Option 3. Gunstock than Loon. $430. I like this option because I can ski at Gunstock from noon until close allowing us to leave at 7:00am other than that I don't know much about either place other than like North Conway there is outlet shopping for my wife close bye.


Option 4 Ski Gore mtn in the Adirondacks $355. We have been to Lake George area before and really like the area but that was in summer.


Option 5 Sunday River. $496 if we stay at the Snow Cap inn and $596 if we stay at the Grand Summit. I like this option even though it's the most expensive if we stay at the Grand Summit because it's a resort so there will be stuff for everyone. MY grip here is $600 for 1 night and two days of skiing is a bit steep. Also deals are Sun to Wed


My preference would be to ski Thurs - Fri  over a Sun to Wed but I can do either or. I have checked into Sugarbush, Okemo, Bretton Woods and it is just two expensive.


So my question to the forum is this, am I on the right track or am I over looking somewhere. Does anyone have knowledge of a great 1 night ski vacation. If I am on the right track. Which is best for my kids needs? All advice is welcome.





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those are def solid choices!!!  i like all the mtns u suggested.  Gore is an awesome place for the kids to learn, and thier Gondola laps are very kid friendly.  Ur wife could go hang out in North Creek and shop or grab a good coffee.  Sugarbush is not to far from Burlington and you can find discount tix .  Try outdoor gear exchange.   That is one of the best hilsl in the east!!!

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First of all Bolton Valley and Smugglers Notch are quite a ways from each other.  Smuggs does not have a lot of green/blue runs from the top, you wil probably be on the "lower" mountain area most of the time. Not much at the base area to keep your wife entertained.  Gore has a ton of blue and green runs on the lower 2/3 of the mountain that your kids will love, and as the other response mentioned your wife can hang out down in North Creek, and I would recommend staying there as well, only a few minutes from the mountain.

Never been to the other area so can;t comment on them.

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Do the Wildcat option, but spend the whole time at Wildcat.  Great mtn for two days for your interests assuming weather cooperates.  Wife can drop you off and shop at outlets all day.

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Thank you so much EasideSoulSkier,NJskier164, and Jamesj for the valuable input. After discussing it with my wife, we have decided on going to North Conway area and skiing Wildcat and possibly Attitash as the tickets between the two resorts are interchangeable. I have always wanted to ski Wildcat since I was a kid of 12 years old and have never done it yet. I have skied Sunday River before and I really loved it and I think the kids would love it there but I can't justify $600 for two days of skiing this year.


I haven't been to North Conway in about 18 years, but I used love that town when we would hike up Mt Washington on our yearly boys weekend.


My kids have graduated from Adventure 2 in the CSIA program and are currently in Adventure 3. I don't know where that ranks in the USA system but they are solid intermediate skiers and I think they will be able to handle the Blues of Wildcat.


Thanks again for the input.



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Where in canada are you coming from. There's another thread going on where I told a guy from ottawa not to pass up whiteface/gore to go to new hampshire. If you're in ontario, whiteface/gore is best.
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Thanks JoeSchmoe, I'm 1hr east of Ottawa right on the Quebec border and I'm 45 min west of  Montreal. and I'm 1hr North of Cornwall which has bridge that crosses into Massena New York. I have been to Lake Placid during the summer and that was a 2.5 hrs drive, Lake George is 3.5 hrs and so I guess Gore would be about 3.0hrs. North Conway is 4.5hrs from here.


I would love to ski Gore and Lake Placid. Originally this trip was going to be just the kids and I and we originally were going to Bolton Valley and then sleeping in Burlington and skiing Smuggs the next day, but the kids really wanted mom to come and so I felt guilty and decided that maybe Burington was a little to big for my wife to venture out on here own  and besides the mountains are a fair peice away from the city. This time around I think North Conway is the best option for this outing, having said that I have every intention of hitting up Gore and Whiteface and Smuggs, Bolton, Sugarbush, Killington, Burke, and Jay.

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Just wanted to share an update. We stayed at the Comfort Inn in North Conway for two nights this past Weds and Thurs . What a great hotel. We

decided not to ski Attitash before we left based on the negative reviews and lack of Greens. I was thankful too as we drove passed it on our way to North Conway, My daughter said " that looks crazy steep, I hope we aren't going there".  Anyhow we arrived in North Conway around 11am and spent the day shopping. Weds we skied at Bretton Woods. This has become my kids new favorite mountain. My favorite run there was Range View it was pure corduroy heaven despite being a green run and I'm an upper intermediate skier.My daughters favorite run was Avalon she is by all accounts a fairly timid skier and my sons favorites were a toss up between Crawfords Blaze and Granny's Grit both Blue runs. We experienced the best snow conditions of the year. All runs were open, very little ice on the more challenging runs and no ice at all on all the greens.


Next Day we headed to Wildcat. My daughter was intimidated by it's size but she did ski all of Polecat the only green from the top.Her favorite run was Wild Kitten a green run, and when my son and I wanted to explore the mountain she had a blast skiing alone off of the snowcat triple chair as Mom watched from the window of the lodge. This made feel like a grown up.My sons favorite was Lynx from top to bottom blue all the way and my favorite was Upper Lynx which is blue to Cat Track also blue to Middle Wildcat again blue to Wild Kitten green. This was the nicest view I have ever experienced from a ski hill. I'm still in awe just thinking about it.


All in All it was a fabulous mid week getaway that I don't think any of us will forget anytime soon. 

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