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Norrona - Perfect fit for tall and slender guys

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Just a few stats about myself to put this post into perspective.  I'm 6'9" and 210 pounds, 38" sleeve on dress shirts, 16.5" neck, 37"/38" inseam.  Been skiing for nearly 35 years but took the past 25 off to snowboard (darn heavy powder in the Pacific Northwest back in the mid-80's).  My quest for ski clothing over all these years that fits well has been quite a journey...


After doing a ton of research I decided to pull the trigger on some Norrona gear since most people said it was cut long in the arms and tighter through the body.  Since backcountry.com is the only retailer here in the US, I decided to buy both XL and XXL sizes of gear to see how they fit and return what didn't work.


The largest size available of their Lyngen fleece was XL.  The sleeves were just long enough; the rest of the fit was nice and trim and it will be part of the ongoing collection.  Next up was the Lofoten Primaloft100 jacket in XL.  That fit pretty much identical to the fleece.


For shell jackets I tried a couple different types in XL (Narvik Gore-tex Performance Shell, Lofoten Gore-tex Pro Shell).  I quickly found out that these didn't have the length necessary in the sleeve so I quickly moved on to the XXL jackets (both Narvik and Lofoten).  These both had the right amount of length in the body and sleeves that were long enough.  There were little style things on the Narvik I really liked but in the end the Lofoten won out because the sleeves were about a half inch longer.  This goes to show that even when both shells are XXL it's worth the time to try them both out because you never know how they will exactly fit.


On a whim I decided to Lofoten Gore-tex Pro shell pant in XL.  I must have been on a roll because these fit pretty well with enough length.  I had to loosen the suspender straps a bit to get them to sit lower on my hips, but then worked pretty good and even well with the integrated powder cuff technology on the shell.


So if you're a tall and thin guy looking to make an investment (yeah, I'm hiding this credit card bill!), then hopefully you'll find this information useful.  I haven't had the opportunity to put this gear to use yet but I'm impressed with the fit and quality and hope that it will last multiple seasons if I maintain it well.


-Thanks, Todd

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Well, thanks for the perspective on Norrona.  I know finding a jacket to fit your long frame must be hard, but that's some serious coin for clothing.  A quick search on Backcountry puts the cost at $400-$600.  Yeow!

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Yeah, this bill will take a bit of time to pay off, but then again I'm sending back several items too that didn't fit.

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