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discounted whiteface tickets?

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anyone have discounted whiteface lift tickets?  I'll buy them.  I need 4 adult tickets and two kids (age 8).  I'll take whatever you have though.


Or do you know of a way to get discounted tickets other than those on their web site?  





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There is Liftopia and this:


Note that the Price Chopper tickets are not valid on Sat. or holidays.


There were a couple of deals on Whiteface's web site that ended 11/15.



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liftopia is at 6% savings.  Not good enough.


Do you know if those price chopper tickets can be used by other maembers of the family.  ie: Can myself, wife and kid all use a ticket on one day or do we need to buy three booklets?


any other ideas?


Anyone have the 4 tickets for $200 (I think it was called passport) deal they would like to sell?



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I believe multiple pricechopper tickets can be used by different people on the same day, but you should call them to make sure before you buy.



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