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I just read this and I'm afraid it's not intended to be funny. But I laughed anyway. Needless to say this person is a customer not an employee.

(Explanation of my title: "Hot on the outside, cold on the inside")
Only thing that bothered me was that I had to get used to was that my toes got cold! But that was only because I had too many pairs of socks when I went skiing in Vermont! So if the weather is freezing, i recommend wearing a pair of thin socks, then a pair of thick socks. No more, no less! (You can also experiment like I did!)

Another thing is, that my shin hurt from skiing! Everybody will experience this! There is no way around it! So my best recommendation would be to wear thermo pants underneath your ski pants, and make sure the pant leg is nice a flat so the wrinkles wouldn't be pushing on your shin!

Also the ski boot is made to support your ankles and be sturdy, so if it hurts a little bit, be glad because its made to keep your ankle and leg in place! Don't forget that if you are an intermediate or advanced skier(who skies fast), then I'm sure you would rather go through little pain, then break your leg because of little support from the boot!

The skiing boots are the best, I actually never had my own so I'm glad this pair fit me right! I am very satisfied with what I have! :-)
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