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Course Setting

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Could someone give me a few guidelines on how to set a course. It will be a very very easy slalom course that will be skiied on by kids and adults. Some racers will be able to carve, some will be in wedge. It's more a taste of what it is to race, rather than a full course. The usual pattern is to set a flush followed by a delay. Each gate in the flush is spaced far apart so that the racers can easily make each gate. While I have a general idea on what I want, I don't know how far apart each gate should be. The guy that usually sets this course has been ill & I've been asked to help out.

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Are you sure want to set a SL?  Family fun races are usually GS.

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Panel gates would be more skier friendly than breakaways.biggrin.gif

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I recommend a panel slalom set at ~15m, to be skied on SL skis, but like a GS. Set mostly rhythm, possibly a delay somewhere. Make the offset easy but use it combined with the terrain to manage speed. Get a good racer to ski it after you set to ensure the set is safe, but reasonably easy to finish (given the ability level you're working with). Keep it away from the trees - the offset that you can set with these kinds of courses is extreme, so people tend to get ejected out of glalom courses toward the side of the trail - make sure it is well netted. If you have a lot of racers, I wouldn't favor extreme offset as it will get torn up pretty quickly.

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Thanks for the input. This is a pretty low level race. No suits, kids in a wedge and lots of rental skis. It's a SL in as much as we only have a single pole. There's a past racer & his gandkids that can run the course to check it. Great suggestion. 

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