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Denver Jan 25-27 2013, where to ski

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3 of my friends and I are going to be landing in Denver the Friday of the 25th late at night. We would like to ski full day on Saturday and until the evening of Sunday before catching our return flights to Chicago and New York. We are intermediate skiers but have not been to Colorado before. Given our timing, we are planning on renting a car at the airport and then picking one or two places to ski (full day saturday and most of sunday)..what would be our best bet in terms of lodging and options?



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I'm a big fan of Copper. Great layout. And on the last day, ski Loveland. Great ski area Md on the Denver side of the Eisenhower tunnel means you don't have to worry about getting stuck. But i70 traffic on Sunday can suck. I guess. I've only watched it from the slopes.
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Hi palace, welcome to Epicski!


That's a pretty quick trip you have planned, sure hope you pack all the fun you can into it.


For lodging options, I quite enjoy Frisco for it's quaint, small town (but still touristy) feel.  It's centrally located for all the Summit County resorts as well as Loveland.  Vail and Beaver Creek are a little further down the road but since you'll have a car it shouldn't be a problem to check out those options on Saturday if you wish.


Other Summit County options are Silverthorn, Dillon and Breckenridge.  The first two will most likely be your cheapest options and you'll be surrounded by strip malls and outlet centers while Breck is a happenin' town with lots of upscale food and entertainment options.


You might also consider Georgetown if you'd rather stay on the east side of the tunnel.


Skiing Loveland on Sunday is a pretty good idea as getting back to the airport could take quite a long time.  If it's uber important that you don't miss your flight home then the decision of when to stop skiing and hit the road will be critical.


Have fun!

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There's a Super 8 in Georgetown that's affordable and clean. Nothing fancy. Friendly staff in the past. Also check liftopia. The other day I saw a lift ticket to Loveland for $30.
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I would consider:


Copper Mountain

Winter Park


My suggestion would be to ski Winter Park both Saturday and part of the day on Sunday.  For someone who has never skied in Colorado and is an intermediate, this probably has the best options for getting your feet wet at western skiing and having enough suitable terrain.


For skiing on Sunday and attempting to catch a flight out that evening....BE CAREFUL.  Pay attention to the weather and crowds.  I-70 traffic back into Denver on Sunday afternoons/evenings can be bad and even gridlock.  Hence why I suggest Winter Park as a good Sunday option since it avoids Einsenhower Tunnel congestion, but you still will likely face a slow-go down into the foothills. 


My suggestion would be:

Friday - arrive in the evening, rent a car, either stay at the airport or pick a hotel on the west side of town (Lakewood)

Saturday - get up EARLY (I-70 traffic on a Saturday morning will be heavy going into the mountains), go ski

Saturday night - stay in the mountains (Winter Park if you are skiing there, Frisco/Dillion if you ski Copper)

Sunday - get out and ski first thing, stop skiing 5-6 hours before flight departure


I used to ski A-Basin and allowed 4 hours from the time of my last run down until flight departure, including time to change, throw ski gear in bags, drive down to DEN, return a rental car, and check bags.  That is on a weekday, in good weather, cutting it somewhat close, and having it down to a set routine.  As a rookie, and it being a Sunday I would allow much more time.

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Having been over the Berthoud pass a few times, I would go with either Loveland both days or Copper/Breckinridge Saturday and Loveland Sunday.  Loveland has some great intermediate runs, and the layout is pretty interesting being spread around over where the Eisenhower tunnel is located. I love the low-key vibe it has. From there the drive to the airport will be the quickest and easiest.


Oh yeah, this is pretty much what TNMG said  LOL

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