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Atomic 10.ex & 10.20

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Ski Make: Atomic
Ski Model: 10.ex
Ski Length: 191
Snow Conditions Used In: All
Number of Days Used:30
Your Ability: Advanced Telemark
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 20 alpine / 1+ tele
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:70
Other Skis You Like: Rossi XXX
Your Height/Weight: 6' / 180 lbs.

The highest performance fatty I've ever tried (only the Volkl G41 is reported to be comparable). Super high speed limit (if any), requires you stay in position and forward on them -- they'll kill you if you're in the back seat. They carve almost like a race ski on groomers (quite an accomplishment for a fat ski). Big sidecut makes them easy to get around but they are for big, wide turns. Extremely lightweight makes them awesome in the backcountry or for hop turns. An amazingly versatile ski -- performs extremely well everywhere except moguls.
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AC , I thought that the 10.ex beat the G-41 for performance. The Bandit XXX wasn't even close, you know what I called them. I don't recall the 10.ex being all that bad in the bumps.
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I need help. Looking for a second ski and am confused by the Atomic line. Most of the time will use a 9.16 Looking for a wider ski for spring slop,busted powder, and lastly deep powder. My first question is the 10.ex the same ski as the TENEX? How about the Betaride 10.20? What do you guys think?


P.S. AC, I like the "new" site.
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It was called the 10.ex in 2000-2001, renamed to TENEX for 2001-2002. Don't know anything about the BR 10.20
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Thanks, That has been puzzling me for a while.
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Rusty , the 10.20 is a great go anywhere do anything ski , good and stable. Does ice/hardpack no problem and a good powder or crud ski. It's been softened for this year , last years 10.20 falls between the 11.20(essentially the same ski only stiffer)and this years 10.20.
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I agree with the comments on the 10.20. I love this ski. I just turned to a true parabolic ski last winter, and loved every minute of it. I weigh around 135 and got the 180. Perfect length for my weight and style. I tried the 190 that a buddy was demoing in March, and it was too much ski.

The Atomics excel at everything that I've been on in the past year in VT mostly, and CO. Great hold on ice, good float in chop, awesome at speed, and not bad in powder.

They suck you into buying the Atomic binding too, but I actually played around with the fore/aft adjustment a bit and you really can feel the difference.

They're not too bad in the bumps either, for suck a stiff ski. Our March in VT last year was epic, and I was having the most fun in steep bumps with 9" of powder on top.

Great ski for a strong skier who can work the ski throughout the entire turn. If you pressure the tail upon exit, they'll actually launch you into the air towards your next turn. Did I say how sick they are at Mach 9?

I love'em.
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