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GS ski options for my daughter?

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My daughter is 1997 born and is 5ft 3/160 cm tall and weighs about 102 lbs/46kg. Shes been racing about a year know but this is the first season she'll be training a lot. At the moment her current GS skis are Atomic Junior GS 12 in 165 but these are now a bit small for her and don't have much edge left. She also has a pair of Atomic junior GS D2s in 176 but at the moment this are too hard to turn in a course. So I'm looking at the following skis for her: 

Atomic JUNIOR GS D2 RD 2012 171 (Radius 19.5m)


Head JUNIOR Team GS 2010 172 (I think radius 21m)


Fischer JUNIOR RC4 WC GS WC 170 (Not sure on the radius)


Dynastar JUNIOR Speed WC Raceflex GS 2011 170cm (Radius 19m)


Which ski do you think would work best? I've been advised to get something soft and easy to turn. Her slalom skis are

Atomic JUNIOR SL RD SL12 LTS in a 151 if that helps. Thanks for any advice. 

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I am an adult racer and just 2 inches taller and 10 lbs heavier than your daughter (I'll leave out the year I was born). I find the upper level Jr skis work well for me as do some non-FIS "cheaters." I have Atomic GS that I use for straighter higher speed GS where the speed helps me bend them efficiently. But my favorites are a Jr. Elan GS which I find have just the right flex for me to get my best speed.Mine are a couple of years old and I haven't tried the current models but it is one your daughter might want to try if she can.

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Look at Ogasagka, or Dynastar, they are both great for lite skiers.
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+1 on the Dynastars - my SL are Dynastars but I found the Jr GS in the 170s a little too soft for me

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I'll vote for Elan. I had a few racers on Elan junior product a few years back. It was great. I remember taking the 150 SL for a run and it ripped... it was EASY. The 176 junior GS was the same story - a great EASY ski (168 was not stable though). Elans have a tendency to ski soft and be very easy to extract performance from. I have my gf on Elans right now for that reason.


The other options would be Rossi/Dynastar or Volkl. They are great girls skis.

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