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One ski quiver, need a solid all mountain twin

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Alright so I live in Texas, but I have had the incredible privilege of skiing all over the world since I was 4 years old and now a days I hit Colorado mountains, primarily Aspen, fairly regularly.  With that said, I had a pair of 2007 K2 silencers until last year when I hopelessly scratched them on a rocky drop off and now I am looking for another twin tip all mountain ski that isn't going crush my wallet.


My research has led me to the following skies, but I'm up for other suggestions as well, as that is why I have come to these forums:


Dynastar 6th Sense Distorter (I love the price on these bad boys)

Dynastar 6th Sense Slicer

Salomon Rocker 2 92

Line Prophet 90


All of which I will most likely mount with the Marker Griffon's or Look PX12's.


I'm a little guy at 5'8" 130 lbs and I ski pretty aggressively on pretty much all parts of the mountains. I ride piste fast, powder, moguls, tons of trees, the park (not my forte at all! All I can throw are grabs and a 360 and wait on the impending judgement of the far better locals), and backcountry.


Any feedback is highly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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I had the Line P-90 and liked it, good all around ski, thought it did surprisingly well on hard packed groomed for 90 under foot. It liked the bumps also, good feel to the ski as it flexed well in the bumps. Decent in powder although there are better powder skis around. Good ski for the money I thought.

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Can I throw the Volkl Bridge into the mix?  Picked up a pair just before Christmas and can't say enough good things about them.  They hold an edge well at speed, are flexible enough to be decent in the bumps, and have enough "pop" just in case you feel like hitting the park. 

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Yeah, I've heard a lot about the Bridge, but I'm looking a to improve a little in the park and I've heard that these can be pretty tough in the park because they are full rocker.  If that's the case while I imagine it is a great ski, I'm not sure its my best option.  Have you had that problem?

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By no stretch of the imagination do I consider myself a very good park skier.  I'd say I'm at about your level (can throw a few grabs, spins, hit some boxes/low rails, but nothing all that impressive).  That being said, for what I want/expect out of the ski I haven't had any problems to date.  I bought the ski because I wanted a ski that was reliable all over the mountain, and could be taken to the park for a few hours if I was up for it (i.e. I'm not really looking to push myself in the park, just want a ski that can hold up there if need be).  I spend most of my time outside of the park and I feel that this is where the bridge is most at home.


In my opinion, if you're going to be spending more time outside of the park, go with the Bridge.  If you're really looking to push yourself in the park, it may be best to go in another direction. 

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Awesome, thanks for your help guys.  Seriously, that was very helpful.

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K2 kung fujas 

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