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Hi guys,

I'm about to make a trip over to the states for a few weeks skiing in Jackson and Targhee, and was hoping to get some advice on a new pair of skis.

My Ski Background:
From Australia, skiied alot as a kid due to close proximity to mountains have probably had 3-400 days on snow. Currently 22( 190cm, 90kg), have spent two seasons in Japan, have instructed and raced before however I love skiing in the backcountry and spent much of my last season in Japan snowshoeing and guiding in the sidecountry/backcountry there. Currently I have an ageing pair of 4FRNT MSP's that are my standard ski in Australia. I predominetly skiied Line EP pros in Japan, and loved there playfulness and flotation, but I think as I move into a steeper environment I would like something that is stiffer and more aggressive and has don't feel completely useless on groomers for that odd occasion (EP pros were gross in this regard, but that was expected).

Potentially this new pair of skis I will be mounting with touring bindings, (marker Dukes?) and would think they may make it to both NZ, Canada and hopefully Alaska in their lifespan. Basically the first ski that came to mind was the Shoguns as they appear be the best all round ski, but I am having trouble tracking down a pair of 191 and have started exploring a few other options and just want to get some other opinions. I would love to demo all of them, but time constraints may prove this difficult and I would like to purchase before leaving or in LA if possible. 

Basically I want an aggressive ski, predominetly for powder but doesn't make you hate skiing if your on groomers. Flexible enough to use in the trees as well as steeps and wouldn't be unreasonable to mount touring bindings to.

I know I might be asking for a bit to much from one ski, but would like the best compromise.

I would forsee a replacement of my 4FRNT's at some point to be a straight on-piste ski, so this new pair wouldnt be spending full days on piste.

Thanks for any help!