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Head Super Cross Ti

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Ski Make: Head
Ski Model: Super Cross Ti
Ski Length: 180
Snow Conditions Used In: Everywhere
Number of Days Used: 50
Your Ability: Expert
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 3rd
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 70
Other Skis You Like: Head Slalom Worldcup T1
Your Height/Weight: 6'2", 195
Comments: A great all mountain ski. 110, 72, 100. I've never been in really deep snow with them, but have been in knee high. They performed great. Great in the bumps - plenty quick. Steeps and weird snow is where they perform the best. Real quick turners in the fall line. Carving is fun, they're easy to lay over and make tracks with. 180 is too short for me because of my height and weight, so this year I'm getting the same ski in a 190. I'd highly recommend this ski. Everyone I've talked to feels the same way I do about them. If you're only going to use one ski, this one is it.
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The Super Crosses (Tis of course) are the best all around skis I've ever been on (I ski 190s). They're super fast on the groomers, hold an edge with the best of them, but I feel their best quality is their stability at ANY speed on ANY terrain. Unfortunately I haven't seen any soft snow since I got them late last season, but I'm looking ahead to this season. I ski mostly steeps, and these skis perform wonderfully every time. (mogul performance is decent, but I can't stand them, I'd rather be ripping huge lines on an open face)
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What do you two think about a rather-high Int...5'8"/~160lbs....in this ski..beef-wise...? Just gonna be working on tuning the technique..without a need for express_speed. I noticed the Cross_(minus the "Ti")..but this SOUNDS nice in a 180_or_so.... Atomic BR 9.50 boot is made for me.... : [img]smile.gif[/img]
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If you are aggressive and stay on top of the ski you shouldn't have a problem with the Ti (I ski the 190 and am only 155 pounds).

If you don't think you need the Ti, then try to demo both and see for yourself. Personally though I like the added stability at supersonic speeds that the Ti gives.

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I think it'd be a great ski for you. You're 5'8", so maybe the 170? 180 might be a little too much as this ski has a lot of side cut.

I'm 6'2" and the 180 comes up to the end of my nose. The reason why I want a 190 is because I want the extra length in deeper snow.

What do you ski now? If you ski a 180 in a similar ski, get the 180 in the Super Cross Ti.

The problem (only) with this model is that there's no inbetween sizes. It's 170, 180, or 190.

You'll love this ski. It performs well everywhere.
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I've demoed Heads now and then...over the last 7yrs...have always liked their idea of semi-rounding off the corners of their ski's tails...somewhat more than other skis....
Varying turn radii has been at the *touch*_level.. Will have to check em' (170s/180s) out this week...and will probably buy Last March a ski-tuner up @Sugarloaf who I meet up with on the mountain often, urged me to wait(as I demoed ALL xxxx season and buy this ski. For nothing else, having your own ski(s) gives one time to RELAX! in the morning...which really promotes better skiing in those initial/Golden 2-4hrs...jeez, what a hassle trying to rent/demo in the morning...it's like rushing around to do errands from Friday afternoon till Saturday afternoons in the Boston area......pure chaos.. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Everyone on this page has given you excellent information. If your seriously interested in this ski, get in touch with me. I have a pair of 180's from last season still in the plastic that I am parting with. Hey if I can save you a few bucks on them I'm sure you'd be happy about it. Let me know. My e-mail is rjsacnbas@aol.com
Take care,
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I am/was on the X-80 ti in a 190. Way more sidecut than the super. 5 '8" at 168lbs. This ski is by no means to long for me anywhere on the mountain, just on paper. I use the longer length for float in the powder. Currently the ski is being assessed for delamination, I am hoping that it is replaced with the same ski or the Super Cross. They have last years cyber cross and x80's for 350.00 CDN here in calgary.
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Jo Canadian

The XP-80 (the new w-80) is a phenomenal ski. It looks funny, but it rips. I skied the x-80 190 all year, loved it, then got the new one in the spring. If they give you this one, don't be alarmed at the look. Just thank the friendly ski Gods and enjoy the new ride. It is definitely an improvement.
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...in what type of snow did you ski the xp-80 Roto..? :
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Roto, JoC...hey, you know..a VT_shop owner/friend..let me demo a Head ski last spring..(the *wide* shovel!)..just got in touch with him...turns out it was this year's XP-70. A local shop has em' and I'm gonna just buy it...and ski it

Happy_Camper_Steve [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Hey Roto,
They sent me the xp80ti ,its 118-66-102, in a 184. There isn't a 190 available. Pretty fired up to get on it! They also lost my bindings in the warranty process so i have a new pair of rossi ftx, being mounted for free! Oh' happy day!!
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Have seen a pair of 195s from the 99-00 model year , first year out. These are on for $200 can which is $US is about $1.65. Question is is there much different between the 00 model and last years? I'm on a 198 shaped now so a 195 should be fine.
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