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Desperately need expert help choosing boots

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Hey everyone, apologies for the long post ahead of time smile.gif

My current gear needs to be replaced and unfortunately I'm really overwhelmed with the current choices.

My current gear is the wrong fit for me: Salomon Teneighty boots and skis, around 7-8 years old. When I bought this gear I did it more for the cool factor vs what I'm actually capable of doing. My current boots have a 75 flex and are much too soft for me.

I have been skiing approx 15 years and consider myself intermediate to advanced. I enjoy coming in the morning and carving it up with short turns but end up getting pretty tired by the afternoon and end up doing long soft turns, even getting lazy and just sliding around with bursts of energy. I enjoy staying on blue square intermediate runs with occasional double black diamond challenges. I don't do any terrain park stuff ever. I just feel like I'm wasting energy.

I live in Ontario, Canada so the hills are garbage, it's mostly machine groomed, some ice, some slush, and never any proper powder. Typical crap hills and conditions. I do make occasional trips to nicer areas but still similar conditions.

I'm 32, 150 lbs, 5'7". I get out maybe 5-10 times a year. I have a small figure, I'm by no means a fatty and I guess that means I have narrow legs and angles. Not a lot of fat on me. Boot size is 25.5.

I went to my local Skiis and Biikes shop in Toronto as they are "expert boot fitters", but I'm not satisfied. They kept pushing Dalbello KR 2 Core I.D. boots but they are super expensive and I'm not sure if its overkill for the type of skiing I do. The endless customizing options are sort of overwhelming for me. I just want it to work it of the box and I don't ski enough to feel a difference and fine tune. I almost feel like its a waste on me. I will say the intuition liner felt amazing. They also showed me Atomic Hawx 100 which wasn't too bad an more in my price point. They said I should be looking and boots with 100-110 flex based on my description of my ski habits. I don't want uncomfortable boots either and I don't want to waste energy.

This is all I really have to go by and I need more options. I need to know from the experts what boots I should investigate because these "expert fitters" are more interested in pushing a big sale vs actually finding the right boot for my feet. Certainly there are 3-4 more options out there? Budget is $500 but would prefer to stay below if possible. If not then its a reality check and I'll spend the money to get what I need.

After I figure out my boot dilemma I will look at choosing stiffer carving skis and ditching my twin tip park skis! That's another topic tho smile.gif

Thank you so much!
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welcome to epicski


your dilemma is one we see a lot in here and one which none of us can answer on line, without seeing your feet no fitter can tell what will work for you, the dalbello is a great boot for what you describe IF and only if it fits your feet properly


take a read of the wiki at the top of the forum "which boot will work for me" that will give you an idea of what to expect, if you are not happy with the fitters then i suggest looking elsewhere, but if they are "expert boot fitters" as you say then they are probably selecting a boot for your feet rather than your wallet... no idea on the exchange rate and cost of kit over there right now (i will leave that to someone more local)


not really the answer you probably wanted but about the only one that we can give...or course if in doubt buy the red oneswink.gif (they will be fastest)

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red boots are key.



or make this an excuse to come west, and see Lou in calgary, or me in banff   

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I wish! Gonna go see a guy in Markham Ontario in the very near future.
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If boots worked "out of the box" for most skiers then this forum wouldn't exist and we wouldn't own fitting shops.  as boots get narrower they also get more expensive, just the way it is.  If you need a narrow boot, your budget needs automatically to increase.



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Thanks for the tips smile.gif
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